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Hi everyone.

I have recently carried out the e-tray exercise for Deloitte (in January) and noticed that the example given in the wikiJob Deloitte profile may be out of date. I wouldnt worry though since it is really not that difficult and you are given all the information you need on the day. Most of the first part of the e-tray exercise is administrative stuff (for example: who should you assign to a task).

Its really REALLY worth checking out the e-tray exercise example provided on the civil service fast track website. This is very like the one in the test.

Also, I answered all the questions in the first part of the test just in time, or at least I though, one last question popped up when I clicked the last one about twenty seconds before the test ended so watch out for this! If you are dyslexic you can get 25% extra time in all your tests which could really make a difference.

The etray is a really achievable task, those who dont do well do so because they panic, be confident and self assured and that is the best advice I can give anyone!

Hope this (rather lengthy post) helps!


Hello everyone! pls i need help. i have an assessment centre with deloitte on tue. ive been there before but failed cos of the etray exercise. can any one advise me on what the report writing is and how it should be formatted? thanks alot


Have you seen the wiki?


had my deloitte assessment centre recently, then had the partner interview, and then by the time I got home I got a phone call from the partner telling me I’d got the job. Totally chuffed!

thought i should repay the ppl on here that had helped me with my prep and talk about my experience.

the day started with an informal ice breaker between the candidates, then we moved onto the e-tray exercise.

E-Tray exercise:

  • inbox starts with about 6 emails in it
  • then you start choosing multiple choice responses to the info in the emails
  • the choices you make determine the next emails that arrive
  • you have to cross reference the responses with a number of attachments located in the reference folders in the e-tray to give the correct answer
  • tip is to open all the attachments right at the start and leave them open so you have easy access to them when you need them
  • I don’t know if there is a right/wrong answer for all the questions but there definitely is for the calculation questions, so make sure you get those ones correct!
  • the general thing is to make sure you are logical with you approach to answering the emails, don’t jump from one to another, move through the emails as they arrive
  • I found it really pretty easy as it is similar to the civil service fast track one you can practice with (see previous link) and finished with 5 mins to go

Written exercise:

  • this relates slightly to the e-tray exercise but not really, so don’t worry too much
  • read the overview on the Deloitte website for some background reading, it helps
  • when the exercise starts you are given some info about a company that wants to expand, and there are three ways it can do this, you are there to advise which route to take
  • options are to buyout an Internet firm, catalog firm or another store based company
  • once you have made your choice you have to write an email to your “pretend” boss to voice your opinion
  • I chose to write my email in sort bullet point format following the sections you advised to cover
  • I think this is a great way to do it, clear, concise, easy to follow which is exactly what a manager want to see, so leave out the long paragraphs (plus bullet points are quick!)
  • after speaking to the partner, it turns out it doesn’t matter which option you choose but you have to put together a good argument for your choice and then stick my it
  • sometimes they quiz you hard and throw new info at you but all they want to see is that you can justify your answer and defend you choice when plans change
  • my partner was pretty relaxed and this went well

Partner interview:

  • this started by going over my written exercise
  • discussing my choice and backing up my choices
  • then we talked a bit about my previous experiences
  • then moved on to a bit about deloitte/career expectations
  • there weren’t really any competency based questions but there were some commercial awareness questions mainly focused on how deloitte is trying to become a “one-stop” financial services company (search deloitte 360 advertising campaign)
  • bare in mind all partners are different so it is always down to luck on the day
  • again be confident and friendly and i dont think you can go wrong.

Hope all this info helps! Good Luck!


Just done AC today. Quite straight forward. E-tray and then partner interview. E-tray is still about the same case introduced on Deloitte Website. At the begining I had problems with concentration and then after a while it was ok. Finished a few mins earlier. Should take it easy. So if you find it difficult at the beginning do not panic, stick to it and be calm. Partner interview was mainly about your application form.Do read it again and make sure you have examples to support your experience. Also a couple of competency questions. Waiting for the result!


Was it like it says on [[Deloitte Interview Questions]]?


I would greatly appreciate it if you could post the link to the case, I tried to find the case on Deloitte Website but was unsuccessful.


It might not be there any more. There’s a good deal of information on [[Deloitte Interview Questions]] - did you have a look at that?


Found the link. Thanks
Do you know if there are any more E-tray exercises available online, as I was able to only one and it was an a sample from KPMG.


Yeah, there’s a link at the bottom of here : [[E-tray exercise]] - right at the very bottom. It’s the same style as [[Deloitte]]- exact same software I believe. Have a go and let us know what you think!


Hey chrism2671 thank you very much for sharing your experience. Can I ask why did you choose the PWC offer over the Deloitte one?


They both offer similar sorts of experience but PwC offered much better exposure to FTSE100 clients and the financial services industry- they have clients that no-one else is big enough or specialised enough to audit.

In retrospect, this can be a good thing and a bad thing. I would have liked to have worked for [[BDO Stoy Hayward]]- if I had the chance again I would applying there.


Am I correct to say that the PcW offer the ACCA qualification where as Deloitte offer the ACA qualificatoins? If that was the case I was just wondering why did you chose ACCA over ACA.


Sorry for being abit nosey :wink:


No that is not correct. Both offer the [[ACA]].


Don’t both offer both?


Yes, however if you are a university graduate you should be applying for [[ACA]].


Why BDO over BigFour Chris?


I can’t answer for Chris, but I can say that [[BDO Stoy hayward|BDO]] seem to be much more down to earth than the [[big 4]]. For example, they don’t make videos like this -

I’ve met people from several different accountancy firms - everyone who works at [[bdo stoy hayward|BDO]] has been friendly, they seem to love the company, and even when they leave, they still rate it as a great place to work. This is less common of [[big 4]] employees!


Thanks…makes sense !!