Deloitte audit help? - service line


Hi, I am slightly confused about the detail behind audit service line.

When you get an offer to work in a regional office, do you work in general core audit, or do they ask you if you want to work with clients in a particular industry? or is it decided by whether you want to work in financial services/public sector/Enterprise risk?

Can someone clarify what are the different areas of audit you can work in?
The website is slightly confusing!

Any help appreciated


Hi solid_545, caught you again! I replied to your thread in another post about DTT fast track day. For you question, they will invite you to take a service line questionnaire prior to the first interview. You will be directed to relavant service line based on the result of questionnaire. I was chosen to financial services audit for instance. Hope this helps.
BTW, as you said in another post that your current application status is ‘invite to fast track day’ (same as mine), do you have any ideas about it? I got an email today telling me there are 3 places availavle next Tuesday for the fast track day. Did you receive it too?


AHH no i switched to a different location !!! SHIT…i should have picked london. That is really soon, will you be ready for it?

Thanks, i just got told i was suitable for audit when i did the service line questionaiire. Do you know what the other audit areas are: ie/ financial services, internal audit ? any others


No, that’s too soon for me, still have no idea about it. I asked the HR to see whether there are other slots. In my questionnaire, there were only 3 options and I think they respectively indicated financial service audit (I remember it mentioned financial records of financial service firms or sth.), tax and advisory.
BTW, did you take online tests and e-tray before the questionnaire? I didn’t take them which I feel quite weird.