Deloitte Audit Graduate Scheme


Hello guys.This forum has been invaluable in helping me receive an offer from Deloitte.I would like to give something back to the community and so anyone with questions about upcoming tests, interviews or application forms, please fire away.


How soon did you hear back after your partner interview?

Mine was last Thursday, didn’t go well at all but still haven’t heard anything and everyone else seems to have heard within 48hours max.


I had news on the day. Why did you feel it didn’t go well? I would have expected them to have given you news by now, regardless of the outcome. Perhaps they have some decision making to do. I would contact student recruitment if I was you.


Interviewer didn’t seem to want to be there. Stuck completely to the script and after I asked 1 question she was asking whether I had any more and obviously wanted to go. Didn’t really feel like I answered the questions that well, but I don’t feel she helped at all. I have chucked them a few emails but they are yet to reply, not impressed.


Hi, I just pass the test and am going to the first interview. Can anyone tell me what questions will be asked and what kind of case study it is? And is it group work or should I do it all by myself? By presentation or report? Thanks.


Ok dude. It’s a shame that these final interviews can come down to the mood of the partner. Even if you are not successful, you have made it to partner interview which means you almost certainly have the skills required to secure the job. I’m not sure how many times you have applied but persistence is indeed key. If you don’t get an offer I would inform your student recruitment contact (the person who arranged your interviews via email) that you feel you were met by an unenthusiastic interviewer and you intend to re-apply. One tip for final interview is that it is heavily centred on commercial awareness. Let me know how it goes.


First interview:
You will get a competency question where you will be asked to describe a project or piece of work. You will be asked career motivation. You will be asked some commercial awareness.

The case study is based on a business which you have to analyse. Good prep would be to practise online and watch youtube case study videos. It will be alone. I think if you’re going for consulting theres additional group exercises, but audit will be yourself.

The case study will not be presentation or report. You will be given 30 mins to read data, make notes and do some calculations. You will then be asked questions regarding the business by the interviewer and asked for your suggestions.

Best of luck.


That is a good shout, thanks. I have only applied once, so it’s not like I have been doing this for a while. I emailed the HR contact I had and she is no longer working there as far as I can tell which is a shame. As for the commercial awareness, I would say that is arguably my strongest point and she didn’t ask a single thing regarding it, literally zero. Couldn’t believe it.


You made it to partner interview on your first application… You’ll be fine! What office are you applying to by the way? Definitely re-apply. Then again you may be getting good news tomorrow.


Cheers mate, appreciate the kind words. I went for London. How about you?


Hi! Congrats in advance!
I just PM’ed you. It would be great if you could reply :slight_smile: