Deloitte Audit Grad Scheme 2013 First Interview Experience



So I had my first interview yesterday morning which was based on the competencies listed on the website.

The interview lasted an hour or so and consisted of me providing examples of times I had demonstrated the skills required so preparation was quite easy. The only thing to be careful of is making sure the research you have done into your role is as thorough as possible as they asked for details on the ACA, and issues facing Deloitte in the news etc.

Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Hi Melissa

Thank you for the post. Was your interview in the London office by any chance? I am due to have my first round interview soon, as long as Deloitte get back to me basically. You mentioned they ask about ACA, so just our general knowledge of what we think it is and it will help us? And regarding issues facing Deloitte, so our recommendations?

Thanks very much and Good Luck!! :slight_smile:



In terms of the ACA it was mainly what it consisted of, what the qualification represented and what sort of things you’d be doing. With issues facing Deloitte I was really vague and mentioned the recession and how that would effect consumer’s spending power. I think the main focus was on the competencies and just being friendly and seeming interested in the job.

I wouldn’t say I was too strong on commercial awareness but still managed to get through to the final interview by just going into detail with my examples.

Hope that helps x


(and yeah the interview was for the London offices)


That’s excellent. Thank you so much Melissa, you’ve been great help.Good luck and who knows we might end up being colleagues =] x


Hi guys

My Deloitte 1st interview is just coming up. I am more or less confident for the competency based questions but I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice regarding Commercial Awareness questions. Where do you think I could pick up some useful information and what kind of questions do they ask?

Thanks so much everyone :slight_smile:


Hi Daphne

That’s great! I’m still waiting for my interview date as they said there are some delays. Well through my research I found questions like:

Are there any recent business developments that may have caught your eye?

What interested you most in the recent news?

These are the main CA questions I think =]

Good Luck! x