Deloitte audit application form question


Hi, I am quite concerned with my application form to Deloitte as last time I was also rejected by Deloitte at this stage. Are some of my answers like acceptable?

Please let us know why a career at Deloitte appeals to you compared with other career options? (max 100 words in bullet point format).

  • Wide range of opportunities for both personal and professional development
    +Well structured graduate training scheme and long term career options
    +Variety of jobs with different clients in various industries
    +Work with talented colleges in a teamwork environment
    +Opportunity and support to study for a professional qualification
    +People oriented culture and the supportive environment

Please let us know why you are particularly interested in joining the service line you have specified? (max 100 words in bullet point format).

  • A highly socialable working environment
    +Opportunities to work with various clients within different teams
    +A team work environment
    +Wide range of career options in the long term
    +Opportunity to understand the business and industry thoroughly

Please let us know what you think you will be doing on a day to day basis as a graduate in your first choice service line

  • Practical audit work and study for a professional qualification
    +Jobs both in the office and with audit team to meet clients
  • Help company prepare audit reports
    +Checking the cash balance and fixed assets
    +Check on a sample basis on the various transactions
    +Check company’s control system and ensure they work efficiently and effectively
    +Check and ensure the financial statement reflect a true and fair value

Also if I am not upload a cv, as cv is always my disadvantage, is it impossible for me to get to online test stage? Thank you.


This is quite a long question for the discussion forum which is probably why no one has replied!

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