Deloitte Audit 2015 - received an offer and happy to help!


Hi all

As per the title, I received an offer for 2015 at the Southampton office in Audit.

I used these forums extensively myself, so I think it’s only fair that I give something back now.

Ask away if you have any questions!


Hi n.anderton,

Firstly, congrats with the offer! :slight_smile:

I’m applying for audit too, different office though.

Could you describe your interview experience please, just waiting to have my first one, so any tips and advice would be great - thanks!



Which office are you applying for?

The first interview is quite a fun process, you get about half an hour to examine the case study, followed by about half an hour of discussion with your interviewer. After that, you have your competency interview which lasts about 45 minutes. Try to think of a project or piece of work that you’ve done that covers as long a period as possible, something where you had specific goals, a way to measure your success at the end, and be prepared to spend most of the interview talking about it; make sure you know it inside out. In addition to that, make sure your motivations for audit are clear, why you want to work for Deloitte and why it’s different to the other Big 4 are also things to bear in mind.

As for the final interview, you’ll be given your topic in advance, and you’ll do this for the partner that interviews you. I printed a handout for the partner, but you don’t have any other visual aids.

I’ve heard that partner interviews can vary wildly from a chat to an intense grilling. Mine involved a really informal chat about current affairs, why I want to go into finance, and obviously about ten minutes of questions about my presentation. The only advice I can offer is to be thoroughly prepared for absolutely anything they might throw at you here, because there didn’t seem to be a set structure like there was in the initial interview.

Hope this helps!



Thanks for your detailed response and advice Naomi - appreciate it a lot! :slight_smile: - I’m applying to the London office.

Sorry, just a few more questions if you don’t mind; for the case study part, were there any formulas or calculations you needed for this part and was everything you were questioned on available to be answered by the information given to you? or is outside knowledge important too? what types of questions were asked here?

And for the partner interview - were there any difficult or tricky follow up questions after your presentation?


Well good luck with your application, maybe we’ll be colleagues at Deloitte next year!

You don’t need any formulae for the case study (if it’s the same as mine). You’ll be given information on a fictitious client company, and basically engage in a simulated meeting with your manager. Any commercial awareness you may already have might be beneficial for you to use to back up your answers to the questions you’ll be asked. I hope this all makes sense, I can’t really give anything specific away as it’s intended to be an unseen exercise. Don’t worry though, it is enjoyable- treat it as though you’re already working at Deloitte and it’s a normal day at the office!

As for the final interview, some of the questions were difficult, yes- but difficult in the sense that they were very broad questions with no right answer. The interview felt very much like a friendly debate almost. I would strongly advise you to brush up on your commercial awareness; this was the focal point of the vast majority of my interview.

If there’s anything else I can help with, let me know!


Thanks! Yeh hopefully! & thank you for all the information and advice :slight_smile:


Hi Naomi - could you recommend any reading for how you kept up to date with current affairs, commercial awareness and issues surrounding the industry? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Linda

I regularly read the Economia website, a well as picking up a copy of the Financial Times a couple of times a week. Another thing you can do on a daily basis is just to have a scan through the BBC News Business section as well as the business section on the Guardian online. I think the Accountancy Age website is a good source of news too, as well as the Deloitte website itself.

The good thing about the partner interview is they asked me what I’d found interesting in the news relevant to the industry, so you can guide the interview to your advantage in a sense, if you know your stuff.

Hope this helps. If you would like to know anything else, let me know.



hello!I have my first interview coming…any tips that you have?What is it like?Do they have a case study?Hiw difficult was it to get into the programme?:slight_smile:


Hi, Thanks for being willing to help!

I will have my final partner interview soon and I am wondering how did you structure your presentation?
was there any competency questions as well (similar to that of the first interview)?

as you mentioned in your previous comments, was the commercial awareness part mainly dicussion around a current story that interested you, or did the partner grill you about a specific?

and sorry, one last thing, did you know what industry team you will be working in, because as far as I have been made aware, we don’t know which industry the partner works in until he maybe introduce himself at the interview?

Many thanks for your help!


Hi n.anderton,
I have my partner interview for Audit - Leeds Office coming up. (Yet to set a date, and waiting for Deloitte to get back to me).
Your comments so far have been extremely helpful and I used a few of your pointers in the first interview.
I was wondering if you could give me some more details regarding the final interview.
For example; what was your presentation on? How much of the interview was based on commercial awareness and how much was on you as a person and your motivations? etc.


Hi n.Anderton,


Any tips on the 1st round interview will be much appreciated. :slight_smile:



What sort of current commercial news is vital to know about for the first interview?



It’s impossible to give you a definitive answer to this one really. Just make sure you read around the industry and keep up to date with current issues.

I wasn’t asked much around commercial awareness in the initial interview, but the final interview was mainly concerned with this as well as your general business acumen. Hope this helps.




Apologies for the late reply, I’ve been pretty busy with final year coursework.

I’ve already detailed my experience during the first interview below. Let me know if you need any extra information.



Hi, apologies for the late reply. I’ve been super busy with final year work, but hopefully this will be in time to help you in your interview.

My presentation revolved around audit quality, so my follow up questions were based upon the points that I mentioned. Best advice I can offer here is, they’ll only ask you about what you mention in your presentation, so you can use that as an opportunity to guide the questioning to your advantage. To be honest though, there wasn’t a big distinction between presentation based questions and the rest. It was a general chat really, but the big focus was on commercial awareness.

The good thing about this is, they asked me what I’d read or heard and found interesting in the news, so you can use this to guide the interview towards something that you’re more comfortable discussing. Be prepared for them to ask your opinion on whatever you bring up, and for them to challenge that opinion. I think they’re just looking to see how you think and draw conclusions, and how you react when your opinion is questioned.

Basically, I would be prepared for every eventuality- how the economy is generally, any big topics in the news at the moment, and even news on the day of your interview. Like you said, I know some people have gone in and been almost traumatised by a very intense grilling from the partner, or, if you’re lucky like I was, it can be a pleasant, but business focused chat.

If you’d like to know anything else, please let me know.



Ok thanks a lot Naomi :slight_smile:

Also, any suggestions / help for case study preparation ?

Thanks again


You can’t really do much in the way of preparation for the case study, the pack you receive has everything you need to know in it. Just be aware of the time when you go through the materials, I ran out of time and then had to think on my feet in the interview- probably best to try and avoid that situation!

Other than that, just do the best you can!

Good luck!


Hi. What sort of questions are asked for the first interview?
(as in apart from the case study part)

Thanks a lot



I’ve already detailed my initial interview experience below. Let me know if you need anything else.