Deloitte Audit 2014 - Offer


Just received an offer for 2014 audit in London. Used these forums quite a lot, so thought I’d sign up and give another view on the process etc. I don’t remember much about the early stages, anything up to the first interview really, so if you have any questions on the first and final interview then ask away.


hey buddy firstly congratulations on the offer, you must be over the moon :slight_smile:

I just wanted to know more about the final interview and how you found it? What was your presentation based on? and how you approached it…and in general advice on the partner interview?



The final interview was completely different to the first interview, there was no real structure to it and the partner was a lot more personable - I think the first interview must be designed to be quite ‘cold’ and more you speaking.

My interview was at 9am, which I think plays a massive part, it’s first thing in the morning and there is nothing that could of happened during the day to maybe change the mood of the partner. The partner was really nice and chatty etc. I started off doing my presentation, it was quite relaxed I was sat down. She asked questions based on the presentation, which were quite challenging but just stay calm and come up with a logical response (it doesn’t necessarily have to be correct). After this, we were just discussing commercial awareness and speaking a little bit about what I had said in the first interview, but again no specific questions.

My presentation was ‘With the ever increasing demand for companies to report more and faster information, how do you think the audit profession might have to adapt going forward.’ This topic is broad and you’ll find loads of stuff to talk about but make sure you keep it within 5-6 minutes.

General advice would be to just make sure you know your presentation inside out, think of any questions they could ask you. Also do a lot of research on current affairs. As long as you know your stuff, you’ll be fine.

I hope this helps


Hi, I have my partner interview soon and I have the same topic for my presentation. Im struggling to think of specific ways in which the audit profession will have to adapt in the future so just wanted to ask what you talked about to help with ideas??
Also, did you use any notes? I was thinking of using powerpoint slide print outs which i would hold up but im not sure now :confused: Thank you!!


Hi mate,

Focus on the current changes in regulation that are currently taking place - for example, in June the FRC issued a revised standard to provide more disclosure around the scope of the audit.

Go from there to think of a way that auditors can begin to provide more and faster information. I went down the technology route, I think that is what most of the big 4 companies are working towards now

I didn’t use any notes, I just made sure that I knew the topic and what I was talking about inside out. I don’t think it would matter much if you did have notes, but maybe just a cue card or something - as long as you don’t stare at it and keep eye contact with the partner.


Thank you!! Thats really helpful! One other thing, were you asked any other competency questions? Apart from the why deloitte, why audit stuff?


i wasn’t asked any specific competency questions, although i used competencies in some of my answers… example; talking about time i solved a problem in depth and how my expertise in that area could be brought to Deloitte and such…


Congratulations on the offer! I have my final interview on Thursday and have the same presentation topic as yours. but I’m struggling with it!!! I don’t think I have made clear of the topic. May I ask what kind of follow-up questions you got asked about the presentation?


HI guys, slight variation on this topic: I have my final interview coming up, and am starting to get stressed about pre employment checks. I had an internship 7-ish years ago for an office that no longer exists, but stupidly put it on my CV (not in the employment section of the application form). Will I have to prove that I did this during pre employment screening, or is it long enough ago that it won’t matter (I’ve been in full time employment for a year so definitely meet the employment minimum)? This is really stressing me out, so any guidance would be much appreciated!!


If I am not mistaken, they don’t use your CV in the application process. That’s what HR told me. That’s for the graduate scheme though, not too sure about anything else.


Can you expand on the technology route?

I thought the question was asking how the audit profession can go about adapting to help companies report better? so things they need to be aware off like if companies produce faster reports - more chance of inaccuracies etc??

I didnt realise it was looking at ways auditors can do their jobs faster?

Any help will be appreciated. Have my partner interview coming up and i am struggling with my understanding of the topic q :frowning:


Hey guys, I had my partner interview on wednesday and just been offered a position :slight_smile: so thought I would give some feedback.
The presentation wasnt too bad, I think the trick is to keep it simple yet informative.
The way I structured it was :-
A) Why companies need to report more info - Globalisation, Transparency, Complex business structures etc.
B) How will the audit profession have to adapt?
I chose to focus on technology and reporting but you could also talk about how the training of audit professionals may have to adapt from classroom based to more on the job training.
Technology - New systems which can analyse larger amounts of data more effectively. Data Analytics is a big thing at the moment so I would recommend looking it up.
Reporting - More personalised, informative reports which help users focus on key areas without becoming overwhelmed by large amount of info which companies are having to report. Also, additional assurance reports which may cover some of the things outside the scope of the current audit report. Read up on Deloittes recent audit of vodafone!

Follow up questions -
Do you know anyone currently doing such informative audit reports? - (This is why i was glad i had read about Deloitte’s vodafone audit)
The partner also asked me in regards to technology, what challenges may social media represent for the audit profession? - I wasn’t expecting this question at all so I had to answer it on the spot!
We also talked about the increased scrutiny being placed on auditors as I mentioned it in my presentation so my advice would be to just prepare and be confident about everything you talk about and make sure you think about things from a few diff perspectives, eg advantages and disadvantages.
Hope this helps, if you have any other questions, let me know!!!
Also thank you 11071897, your advice really helped me!!! :slight_smile:


Hey congrats on the offer !!! great news…will you be working in london or regional?

The follow up q seem a little difficult? What type of points did you make to the social media question :s im completely blank.
Also were there any competency Q asked?..Was any mention of answers you made in your first interview?

Thanks again this is very insightful !!!


Great report. Good job. When did you get the offer? and who gave you the call?



Audit at the Birmingham office :slight_smile:
Yeh so was i! Lol i gave my honest opinion & said that i thought it would provide more benefits than challenges as we could use it to engage with the wider public more as the audit industry is being portrayed alot more negatively after recent corporate scandals. I suppose thinking about it now, that is a challenge as through social media, people have access to alot more information (usually media opinions) about the audit profession, which tend to be negative.

I was asked about a time when I had to work in a team and persuade someone which i had prepared for in my first interview but wasnt expecting in my final :confused:
The partner did have my cv and asked me questions regarding some aspects but they were quite general questions, for example what did you do to ensure customer satsfaction? (as on my cv, I had mentioned a customer service award i received). Another question that I hadnt come across before was ‘Out of the companies that you’ve worked for, can you give me an example of good and bad business practice?’
Other questions I can remember were why deloitte, why audit, what do you think you’ll be doing day to day, where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I have to say just relax and be yourself, partners are usually easy to get on with and I think its more about how you come across than what you say :slight_smile:


Hi, I too got the offer a few days ago, my partner interview was quite different; there were no competencies asked and it was more do to with my career choices, work experience and of course the presentation. Other than that, it was more of a chat really, you can direct it any way you want, so if you know more about something try and lead the convo that way.


just had my partner interview…it was very discussion based and the questions really do vary according to each partner. It wasnt bad but could have been better. I havent heard back so not sure…if successful will they give you a call? or would it be by email?


This question isn’t about Audit but I thought I’d ask anyway. I’ve just done the Service Line Questionnaire and I was only offered one option for what I am interested in. Does this mean that all the other service lines are full?
Because now I’ve been offered an interview based on a service line I don’t really know that much about. Do you think I should call them and have a chat, maybe see if the service line is still being offered in other offices?


Just got made an offer !!!

Sometimes there can be a delay in getting a response so dont stress guys. My general advice is know your commercial awareness and back yourself to pass at every stage.

Also the partner mentioned that 85% of the people who get an offer are people straight from uni, but they do like people who have worked a bit as they have more substance when it comes to the interview. So if you are unemployed, dont worry and just get any job where you can get some skills !!


Hey, congrats on your offers!

I’m preparing for the same presentation topic as you guys, and I was just wondering whether any of you have some good reading for it? I feel like I’m writing it in the blind…