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some questions about etray

how many words should I write in the second part is proper?

is it true that more than three spelling mistakes will be automatic fail?

Is mobile phone allowed to use during the etray?

Many thx!!!


I can’t really give you a word count, but I wrote around 6 paragraphs. And yep, it’s true that more than three spelling mistakes is an automatic fail!
People were allowed to use their mobile as a calculator for the first part of the E-Tray, but I suggest to take in a calculator because some recruiters might not allow you to use your phone.


Can you remember what the status of your online application was after you completed your e-tray? Is the status of your online application supposed to change once you complete your e-tray? Thanks.


I think the status changes once they contact you by e-mail and tell you whether you have passed/failed.



I just pass the the etray and prepare for the first interview.

I was wondering about the competences questions. How to give a good example? For example, how do you answer the question of “achieve a goal”? what kind of achievement would be properly ? I have no idea how to prepare these examples since I do not have too much experience … I used to have the pwc telephone interview but failed on the competence questions …


^I used personal experience for achieving a goal. Driving was a huge challenge for me so I used that!
Don’t be afraid to use personal examples as long as they are appropriate. If not, use examples from work/university.

I also used the STAR approach (Situation, Task, Action, Result) which helps give the interviewer a good overview of the situation.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot J Economics, that info is quite helpful


^No problem :slight_smile: Any questions, just ask :slight_smile:


Thanks for the post J_Economics. It’s extremely helpful and informative. Congratulations on securing the job.

I’m curious about where you mentioned in your interview that you were asked how you would check the fixed asset figure on the balance sheet is correct.

What was your answer? And what answer did the interviewer give you in response?



Hi J_Economics,

Can you please let me know what you mean when you say that the recruitment process has been changed recently? I will have to attend the Etray exercise and then probably a first interview, I read the threads but I do not know what changes have been made… any help would be really appreciated!! Thanks a lot!!! :slight_smile:


Hi all,

I am going to sit for the E-tray exercise next Wednesday and in case I pass it, I will be invited to attend two interviews the next day. I read that the recruitment process has changed, is this true? Do you know whether the manager still ask candidates to provide reasons for their choice regarding the written part of the e-tray exercise? Can anyone help me about what I am going to be asked at the two interviews?? I have read so many threads but now I am a little bit confused as I read some older posts which describe the recruitment process slightly different… :confused: I forgot to mention that I have applied for the Fast-Track Graduate Audit Programme. Any help would be really appreciated, as I do not have much time to get prepared for all these things! :confused:

Thank you guys!!! :slight_smile:


The only change I can think of is that a manager WILL NOT ask you any questions about the e-tray exercise.


Hi guys

I have my etray assesment on friday at manchester office. I am really worried…its my first assesment day!!!

Can you tell me a bit more about the writing part…what kind of questions do we need to answer and also is it possible to practice somewhere online for etray exercise???

Any help would be much appreciatedd!!!
Thank you sooo much!!!


Hi accounting,

The writing part is quite straight forward. Don’t worry too much about it. You will be given info on 3 companies and you will have to advise your manager which one your client should acquire.

Each company will have pros and cons and it DOES NOT MATTER WHICH COMPANY you go for so long as you MAKE A SOLID ARGUMENT. I know of people who chose different companies and still cleared it.

Be careful about one thing - their laptops are very small and it is a little difficult to type on them. Do not spend too much time doing back and fourth between your email and the data and whatever you do, do not stop writing. Make up your mind right from the start about which company you would favour.

Check this forum:

Good Luck!


Hi radioactive,

Thank you for your post…it was helpful :)…Ive passed my etray wohoooo now first interview on thursday :(:(…reallly scared!!!

what kind commercial awareness should I look into…I don’t really read FT :S

I hope I get the job :frowning:

Thanks once again!!!


Hi J_Economics, thanks for your previous information. It is really helpful. Now I am preparing for my partner interview. Could you describe the questions for adaptability asked in your partner interview? Thanks a lot.


Is the Deloitte’s online exam provider SHL? How is the complexity level of E tray exercises any pointer for E tray practice. Thanks for all your info, very useful.


hi j econs, I was just wondering how long the deliotte numerical tests was…howmany questions in how many minutes? Does it matter if you do not finish solving the questions?


I can’t remember how many questions there are, but your best strategy is to answer questions correctly rather than answering as many questions as possible but with the possibility of them being incorrect.


My E-Tray is on next week and I am worried about it, because I am not a native speaker and my english is not good. Do you have any further advises for the written part, such as format and important points?