Deloitte Assurance Application 2017


Hi Everyone, I have just completed my online application form for Deloitte, but have not yet submitted it. I am wondering if anyone has submitted their form and have completed the Cosmic Cadet psychometric test, and other online tests and have any advice. I recently failed the KPMG situational judgement test which was quite a shock, because I prepare a lot, and didn’t find the test very difficult.

My questions:

  1. How does the cosmic cadet game test psychometric qualities?
  2. Do the online tests differ in difficulty to the practice tests given on the Deloitte Website?
  3. There isn’t a time limit, but time is taken into consideration, how do you best juggle time and accuracy, and what benchmark time would you aim for?
  4. I have been using this website to prepare (, and paid for a subscription, where else can I find practice resources, and what other paid sites are people using.