Deloitte Assessment Day

The Graduate

As the graduate cycle seems to be coming to an end, is there anyone else waiting to attend an Asessment Day?


As you say, I think the cycle for this year has pretty much finished. I had my Final Assessment Day on Tuesday, 11 March and they could only just fit me in. I think that’s your lot until next year.


I have the very last one on 17th June. What did you apply for?


Sorry, I meant to say Tuesday, 11 May… Geese. Your last one is on the 17 June!? That is late. When I was travelling in March and April in South America and waiting to hear back from Deloitte as to whether there would actually be a FAD available for me to attend, I got the impression that they weren’t doing any more FAD’s after the 30 April and had only added a few extra days after that (like the one I went to) to cope with demand; nonetheless, it seems you were lucky there, just getting in. Why did you choose to apply so late anyway? I’m not sure why I did personally, ha. I applied for Enterprise Applications but didn’t get the offer in the end. I’ve since accepted PwC’s offer instead, starting this September, which is the one I probably would have accepted anyway had Deloitte offered me a position; so I’m kind of glad they didn’t complicate things by doing just that. By the way, you get a two course Pizza Express lunch at Deloitte’s FAD, so if you don’t get the job in the end, best of luck that you do, at least you’ll get a free, and very tasty, lunch!


Oh I didn’t apply late my application has been going on for four months! Anyway congratulations on the PwC offer!I’m going for Enterprise Applications, do you mind sharing your experience? Other than the free lunch I’m really nervous about it!


Geese… that is quite bad; I was under the impression they were efficient!

Anyway, thanks for the congratulations. As for your Enterprise Applications FAD chances, don’t be nervous about the day. You get there for about 9.45am and leave at about 3.45pm from what I can remember. You wonder why it is 6 hours long initially but you completely understand when you’re there - it goes quickly and all fits!

Just concentrate, be eloquent, don’t get nervous and be concise in your answers. I can offer you no more beneficial information and advice than there is on the forums already - it’s all there. Just scour everything to do with Deloitte’s graduate consultancy part of their website and you’ll be fine; mainly Enterprise Application. Mind you, I got asked nothing about this, only about Deloitte in general. Though it changes apparently. Two others I did the FAD with, who I’ve kept in contact with, both got offers, so don’t see it as an impossible task. Just impress the partner interviewer; he makes the decisions. All the other stuff during the day is easy.

Bon chance.


Thanks a lot!This is my first ever assessment day so I’m even more concerned. Did you have a gap between the group exercise and partner interview because I asked my HR representative and apparently I have an hour break yet others did not have this. I realise that every partner interview differs but were you questions more focused on deloitte or did you have competency questions like the first round?


Hi, I am still waiting for an assessment day also! When I spoke to Hr they said there were about 60 places still left in Audit. And I applied ages ago it has just been a really slow processess. So hopefully there will be more assessment centres!


Oh sorry didnt relise this was in the consultancy forum!


60 places?That’s a lot!I thought Audit fills up quickly. All the best!


Yea I thought that as well. But I think it is a combination of lots of places as well Deloitte being quite slow. I applied at the end of March and now waiting for a date for the assessment centre. I think the other companies have slowed recruitment, especially for London.


Hey, I just had my AD on Thursday for EA a got a phone call from the partner that interviewed me on Friday midday – with an offer.

Attending 3 different AD and bunch of interviews my advice is to focus on two things: (1) be well prepared meaning well read (about Deloitte, what’s up in the industry, have bunch of examples from your life for the competency questions,etc.) so you seem like a well-rounded person and (2) be yourself, honest, and calm.

It’s relatively easy to be calm when you know that you’re prepared. So one depends on another.

I did not particularly like the group case study – there were 8 of us in the room and we had 30 minutes. Of course, a few people jumped immediately onto being the “leaders” but it looked artificial. At times it may as well seem like you’re just trying to be a “leader” when in fact creating more confusions and mess. So my advice is – don’t just do stuff because you know they are looking for it. I don’t think a was a leader, but had a few good ideas and observations, built on what other people said, and just appeared to be a good, valuable, member of the team.

As far as the partner interview, it varies largely from partner to partner. We chatted with mine for maybe 45-50 minutes and at the end he basically told me that the only thing that he was looking for in these interview was whether he could spent with the person 5h at the airport and not get bored – whether he wanted to work with the person.

In my case, I tried not to think about these interviews as a “battle” between me and them. Think that you are ALREADY hired by Deloitte and always keep in mind that since you already made it that far – they WANT YOU. They are just double-checking so don’t disappoint them.

I hope that helps.


Thank you for the very helpful post!And well done on obtaining an offer. But I have a few questions and I would be very grateful if you could provide some insight. I have been researching Deloitte and brushing up on my competency answers however I am finding it difficult to read up on the the industry as a whole, what would be the best source of information?

I know I can’t really prepare for the group exercise but does Deloitte use an actual business case or do they still use the puzzle? From what I gather from your post and indeed other candidates the partner interview seems to be a lot more relaxed than the first round, would you agree?Lastly in your opinion whataspect of the assessment day did you find most challenging and could you give any advice?

Thanks again.



Re (1): I read Financial Times and AcountancyAge (or whatever it’s called) – this should give you a good idea of what’s going on in the industry. They probably won’t ask you anything random that they think is interesting in the news, but they will ask what YOU think is interesting. That means you don’t have to know everything, but can only focus on few things and go into more details during the interview.

Re (2): the partner interview is far more relaxed. Just make sure you know why you are there – be excited, knowledgeable and well-rounded. The group case was a situation where you had to discuss some investment issue within your group. Everyone gets background information and then each participant also gets some specific-to-the-person info. Then you basically have to present this info to the rest of the group and just be the sort of person-in-charge of that info.

If I had to pick the one aspect of the AD that I liked the least it would be the group case – just because 8 people in a room is a bit too many in my opinion. You get too many leader-wannabes and it can easily turn into mess. My advice is to be yourself, listen to others, build on what they say, make own recommendations. Don’t just jump to be the stupid “leader” just for the sake of it.


Bugsior - Thanks again for the reply. I researched two business stories which I found interesting for the first round however they were not linked to consulting, so does this apply to your first point, can they be any business story which you find interesting? I have heard various experiences regarding the presentation ranging from using over heads to simply discussing the case, what did you have to do? Lastly you mentioned that the group exercise consists of too many people, however is there an opportunity beforehand to meet the other candidates as I’ve been recomended to try and establish some sort of relationship with them.


The stories can be any stories but you should think ahead how they could be relevant to Deloitte – why would Deloitte care, what services it could potentially provide, how the story could potentially impact Deloitte, etc.

I am assuming that by presentation you mean discussing the written exercise during the partner interview. I spent on it about 10 min together with partner’s questions – just repeat what you wrote in the email and be ready to address some of the partner’s concerns. You may have to remember some facts from the background about the case to do that.

The group exercise is right after lunch so you may try to establish some sort of relationship with the rest of the group. I am not sure how useful that would be though. After we gathered for the exercise in a room we had maybe 3 minutes before the partners showed up, so we decided we would have one person keeping track of time and another person writing on the board. Other that then, we just kind of started.


Hey Bugsior, thank you for all your help unfortunately I didn’t perform to the high standards which they expect at deloitte. The partner was extremely harsh however on the plus side he gave me some feedback.


I was just wondering if anybody has been to a Deloiite AC for consulting recently, and although there is alot of information already, it would be helpful if people could provide further insights and any other hints and tips. Especially the group exercise, as this seems to be hit and miss, with some individuals doing it and others not.



Hi ,

Just wondering what kind of case interview might be expected for consultant in Architecture and business analysis at Deloitte.

Please can you share your experiences or advise.

Cheers .


Hi there,

I don’t think it differs that much from what other service lines get. Firstly, ABA gets the same stuff as anyone else for TI. During the first interview, I had 7 councils consolidating into one and I was supposed to talk through the problems they can encounter and also issues specific for technology: pros and cons of outsourcing, why consolidating databases might be challenging? I mentioned backing up the data, authorised access - hence, security issues, adaptability of the software to deal with larger amount of data, inconsistencies in the data provided in each system of seven councils. You might also consider getting the staff involved in the choice of the best system available - making staff tell you pros and cons. This brings you to morale and human capital management, where you have to mention different cultures of work, identities, possible redundancies.

They have to fill all their positions by 24th of July, so I guess you will be one of the last people assessed for now.
Good luck!