Deloitte Assessment Day


Just back from my assessment day and it was more eventful than i expected. Due to the snow, the partner couldn’t get in to work to do my interview and that needs to be arranged for next week.

I did get to do my e-tray however, i thought it was rather simple. You need to spend just a few minutes, probably no more than 5, just skimming through the extra information you’ve been given and just familiarise yourself with it. I think i received 22 emails that i had to respond to, the majority of these required me to look back on information already given and a couple were just giving a reasoned opinion on a decision that you had to make.

Once that was finished i had to write my e-mail repsonse regarding which company Trafford Lea should buy (1 online shop, 1 catalogue retailer, 1 mix of store/online). I thought the key to this was making a clear argument and making sure it was broken down in to reasonable sections, giving my decision at the end and the reasoning for my choice.

Then came the tricky part where i think i may have messed up. The recruitment woman wanted me to do the e-tray interview today as it was fresh in my memory but because none of the senior staff were in i had to have a phone interview with one of the senior managers! I really didn’t enjoy this as i prefer to speak face to face some i can gauge peoples reactions!

Just heard from a friend who did an internship at the same office and department and she said they only take on 3 graduates a year in tax! So im not quite sure how they still have vacancies left and am now a little bit worried i have no chance!

One more thing, they said today that they could give me my feedback for the e-tray separately to my partner interview if the interview isn’t arranged for Mon/Tues next week. I got the impression that this would tell me if i would have a partner interview or not.:S