Deloitte Assessment Day - Written E tray exercise


Hey guys I know alot has already been written about the E-tray exercise but I was just wondering If anyone could give some specific advice on the written part. Its been over a year since I’ve really written anything at all (graduated 2008) and so im a bit nervous. In particular what is the correct way to start a business email? Dear? Hi? and similarly finish? yours sincerely? kind regards?. also I dont come from a business back ground, and although I know all the information is provided any advice in terms of what logic I should go through, format i should use etc?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


do you still need advice?


Hello Helen86

I’m in a similar position to the intial poster andyjowen, and have an assessment day coming up.
Would you be able to offer me any advice, inlcuding an answer to the question of this post.


@helen86 - even if he doesn’t their are lots of other people who could benefit from it as shown above