Deloitte assessment day preparation?


I was wondering if any of you who have experienced or know a lot about deloitte assessment days could give me any tips on how to prepare.

As I understand it the e-tray exercise is not something you can do much preparation for, I have found 2 examples of e-trays (thanks to this site) which I will practice a few times. Would you say there is much preparation you can do for the “informal presentation” about potential acquisitions?

Again I understand that the partner interview is more about being professional and striking up a good relationship with the partner than reciting information you have been swotting up on. My intention for this is to go over my application in detail, think carefully about why deloitte, why audit, what I expect to be doing and do some research on major business issues and their affect on the big 4.

Are there any other things I should be reading up on to help me? If you have been successful in receiving an offer from deloitte I would be interested to know how you prepared for the assessment day!



Did you have a look at the other posts on this forum? There’s some pretty good stuff on here!


the other threads are really good esp the one by franko…

i had my assessment day on friday … we were six… some from tax,auditing, etc
we were put into a room and trust me the etray is quite easy !! MAKE SURE YOU READ THE NOTES B4 U START !!! lol cause you need the information to answer the question… i didnt …big mistake cause my first few answers were wrong …you need to answer about 24 questions…

then recommend a take over …its simple reasoning … the partner who interviewed me grilled me about my answers… just be prepared …no right or wrong answer…lol

we had lunch with people from our departments… it was easy going and we were not being assessed.

After lunch i had the partner interviews … i had to be interviewed by two partners .they both came into the interview room… grilled about the choice of take over… the second partner grilled me about commercial awareness and why tax? why Deloitte, why not Ib? we discusssed current business issues, i chose credit crunch etc…it was intense more enjoyable than the first interview…

the two interviews lasted about an hour and a bit … and they said they would get back to me in three days.luckily i went to the loo…went to get my coat and just before i left… they came back to me and offered me the job same day !!!..

and i had a lovely weekend…yeeahhh!!!