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I attended my final assessment centre day for Deloitte last month and was offered a position in actuarial & insurance solutions so if anyone wants any help with the questions or the e-tray exercise give me a shout because i found this website really useful when trying to prepare so im more than happy to share my experience :slight_smile:


Hi holly123,

Congratulations mate! I would really appreciate if you could share you AC experience …especially the e-tray exercise and how would you suggest to prepare for the same.


Hi holly 123,
Congratulations! I’ve also applied for A&IS, have my assessment centre in January. Can you tell me if the e-tray was about Trafford Lea? Or did they change it? Also, what commercial awareness questions were you asked?


Hi Chimera and alexforever,

Yep more than happy to share my experience!

Ok so the assessment centre day the first thing you do is your e-tray exercise. They take you into a room full of laptops (there were about 15 people at my assessment day with me applying for all different roles so your doing the same e-tray as audit/consultancy/tax etc applicants) and they explain how to use the computer system to you - its very straighforward and similar to outlook and is explained well. You then have one hour to respond to emails that arrive periodically in your inbox. The responses are multiple choice and based around the fact that you are a analyst working on the Trafford Lea project. The emails are pretty straightforward and not too time pressured (about 20 responses required in the hour) and some require basic maths calculations. You then have 40 mins(if i remember correctly) to write an email to your senior manager reccommending an aquisition for Trafford Lea - you have a choice of 3 and i believe if you can justify your choice there is no right or wrong answer. Thats the end of the e-tray exercise.

-work quicky and if you cant work out the answer to one of the emails within a few mins move on and come back to it at the end if you have time.
-In the email to your senior manager structure your email really well! Dont just start writing blindly it needs to be very business like and concise.
-Check your spelling carefully! 3 spelling errors and you fail automatically so if you cant spell a word dont use it.
-Leave time after your email to write some notes for yourself as your recommendation will be questioned in depth in your partner interview (they do tell you to make notes for yourself but be aware of time pressure and make sure you have time to do so!)
-to be honest you cant prepare for the e-tray much! all i did was read the Trafford Lea case study on the website a few times and googled ‘business persuasive writing’ which was pretty helpful as im doing maths at uni so havnt had much experience of this.

Your then taken out for lunch by someone from the service line which you’ve applied to and although its pretty informal just be aware that when they said relax you arent being assessed you pretty much are so turn up the charm etc.

After lunch you have your partner interview. The people who i was with on the day had a range of different experiences of this so again difficult to advise on. Some people had a chat for 20 mins about one of their hobbies with a few competancy q’s thrown in where as i was quizzed for 90 mins on my e-tray exercise recommendation, my cv, competancies and LOTS OF COMMERCIAL AWARENESS. For the e-tray my partner took the role of my senior manager who i had emailed and said he hadnt had time to read the email and wanted me to talk him through it (hence the need for notes). They will question your decision but if your justify it you will be fine! cv q’s and compentancies are very straightforward and similar to first round interview q’s. For commercial awareness ( i HATE this aspect of it and really struggle with it so sorry for rambling on about it if your good at it) i got asked:
-tell me about a current insurance news story (i talked about the NEST pension scheme the government are going to introduce)
-tell me about a current business story that interests you (i talked about the spending review as it had just come out)
-who do you think are some of our major clients (completely messed this up and was told ‘if i wanted to read our handbook i could just do that for myself tell me something that isnt on the homepage of our website’)
-who do you think are some of our target clients (can say pretty much anyone for this but emphasise not just large companies as some of their oldest and most lucrative business is with very small clients)
-a few hypothetical situations eg. one of your corporate clients rings you up concerned that they have read a news article about how people are living significantly longer and they want to know how this is going to affect their employee pension scheme. what do you do?

Hope thats helpful!! anymore questions let me know


Hi guys, also completed this assessment day in newcastle and recieved an offer so am willing to offer up advice, also recieved an offer from Ernst and Young will answer any questions if people need some advice!



hi, i have my a/c tomorrow so you post is really helpful. I’m studying chem so I know if I get asked commercial awareness questions I might not have the depth of knowledge others might show.
Who are deloitte’s client? i kno i can say the government and I know they are involved in a lot of industries but it’d be nice to put a name to these companys. Can anyone help?

I am going for the SVS btw


hi, i have my a/c tomorrow so your post is really helpful. I’m studying chem so I know if I get asked commercial awareness questions I might not have the depth of knowledge others might show.
Who are deloitte’s clients? i kno i can say the government and I know they are involved in a lot of industries but it’d be nice to put a name to these companys. Can anyone help?

I am going for the SVS btw


holly123 thanks for your post - i found it very useful!

Can I ask you which office you applied to?
Aww, what a strange question about target clients. How did you reply to that?

I’ve found this website listing Deloitte clients:


thank you! i’m worried i’m under prepared for the assessment day. I was told to allow 2.5 hours. Is this the case for everyone?



had my a/c 2day and it went ok, although still don’t know the outcome…I’ll post a full review when i hear and get feedback etc.

If I had one major bit of advice it would be to really read up your department and issues regarding it. The partner interview will no doubt be nice and friendly, mine certainly was but I had to demonstrate my motivation for becoming chartered, deloitte, the department, and then display that I was up to date with issues affecting the department.

Aside from that the day is not massively stressful and aslong as you just relax you should be ok.

Ps mine was half 9 - half 1


hey how did it go? if you have time could your outline your experience of the day? i have my AC for consulting coming up and would love any advice you can give me!


Hey Cuzzabear,

have you got an assessment centre booked? i found out i’d passed my first interview on 5th jan and havent heard back so far… my application page still says no open interview slots.


hi jaspot,

no i havent had it booked yet, i found out i passed on the 14th of jan and am waiting for a slot. i thought it would be quick though - when i was in for my first interview i met some guys on their AC and one of them said he’d only had his first interview 10 days before. i’m hoping to have it as soon as possible though as i have an offer from another, smaller consulting firm which i would take if deloitte dont offer me a job - i cant keep them waiting for too long though! what line of consulting you going for?


hi cuzzabear,

i found out yesterday my AC in on the 7th Feb. and i’ve applied for human capital consulting - specifically organisation and change. what about you? i hear they have a big back log of people they need to get through. and when they called they said the only date they could offer me was then. well done on the other job offer!



I don’t know if any of you have applied for the summer vacation scheme because it is slightly different I think. For people who are applying for the year out/grad positions its a full day assessment day but for me it is a 2.5hour etray exercise, which is the same one as everyone else would do.

Has anyone else applied for the summer internship and already done the etray exercise or done the final interview? If so anyone fancy giving me some advice?

Or any advice from anyone would be great :smiley:



Hey guys,

Jusr had my AC day for consultancy on Tuesday and have been given an offer with Deloitte. I have used this website to help prepare me for the whole recruitment process and want to thank everyone for there help over the past few months. It is my turn to help others out so, if anyone needs any advice or had specific questions to ask about the recruitment process let me know and I’ll help you as best I can.

If you are waiting on receiving a date for your AC and feel like you have waited ages, be patient and don’t panic, I waited for just under 2 months because they needed to wait and see if they could get a minimum number of applicants (norm 6) for the AC day.


Hi Elf

I have my AC day on Thursday, also for consultancy. I’m preparing for it, and even though this forum seems to give useful tips, it looks as though the structure of the AC is going to be different. I’ve been told I will have to write a 2 page essay, and then do a 10min presentation. It doesn’t look like there’s going to be an e-tray, and apparently there is a group discussion at the end. Could you please let me know what was the structure of your AC?

Also, I’m a bit concerned about the questions I will be asked (competencies, etc…). What questions were you asked? Did they put a lot of emphasis on commercial awareness? What was the question that put you on the spot?

Thanks in advance. Any help will be hugely appreciated.


hey jaspot, cheers for replying.

yeah they finally got back to me about a week and a half ago and ive been given a date for next week.

mine is for operations consulting (although the further along this process i go the more i want to do human capital!).

I hope yours went well and I hate to sponge info from you just because you went first but could you possibly just tell me the exact layout of your day? there seems to be a bit of confusion on here as to what exactly the consulting AC’s consist of.

thanks bud


Hey DRM,

Big congrats on making it to your AC day! You’re assessment day seems to be very different from my own experience. I began the day with a e-tray exercise, break for lunch, then a group exercise followed by a partner interview.

In the group exercise you have to just make sure you speak and give some further input. You are asked to come to a conclusion AS A GROUP on an investment strategy. Ask questions to the others and take time to show you are listenting to others when they are speaking. They do not expect a right answer. It is about using your negotiating skills and listening to others. DO NOT ARGUE WITH OTHERS! they hate that. It shows that you cannot negotiate but just put across the main advantages of your investment and don’t be afaird to say look there are some disads as well. Apparently in one AC day they all went crazy at each other, fighting that theirs was the best investment and during their interview were heavily criticised for it.

During my partner interview, I was interviewed initially on a section of the e-tray exercise. I had to justify a decision I had made. So if you do get a e-tray make some good notes ie ads/disads on each of the 3 ideas given. You are allocated time to do notes but just double check I made mine along the way. You may/may not be allowed to take these notes in to the interview. Initially we were told we could revise jsut before the interview but then were allowed to take them in. The partner then moved on to competencies (3ques) like,when have you experienced a challenging time? how well do you work under pressure? what do you do to de-stress? then I was asked about a time where I had to consider economic factors in work or uni experience? I waffled this one. There were two partners interviewing a total of 6 ie 3 for each partner and as I was in the last group to be interviewed I got to hear what others went through just before me. They came back saying they were asked things that later were differrent from my own. Be wary though some just say that to put you off going in…yes immature and ridiculous I know but it’s a competitive world.

My main piece of advice: do not let other’s egos intimidate you. I walked into the building and everyone was discussing all their acheivements in life…bigging themselves up to intimidate you. (one girl: I studied in oxford and did a year in America" good for you love!! lol) Just ignore it. Half of it is probably bullshit and they are the ones with insecurities if they feel they have to intimIdate you at the beginning. Play it cool, chat with them talk about your degree and general things. They brought down some analysts to chat with us before hand. They are great and if you have any questions ask them!

I think the interviewer saw that I was a real person with more than my academics who had been through more life experiences and coud cope with the working world as I have good basic skills from my job working in a clothes store.

What area of consultancy have you applied to?



great post Elf, thanks so much.

this is a lame question i know, but you seem to have got to grips with the experience - are there any do’s and don’ts you would suggest when in the company of the analysts (at lunch or whenever). I like to think I come off as an OK person most of the time but I don’t want to be too much of a try-hard but equally don’t want to appear disinterested! if you learnt anything from that part of the day then I’d love it if you passed it on!