Deloitte assessment centre: waiting . . .



I did the Deloitte final assessment centre for Tax in London last Tuesday 18th March and haven’t heard from them yet.

People on this forum who got offers from Deloitte heard within 1, maybe 2 days, and everyone I spoke to at Deloitte also heard in that time. Even counting that Friday and Monday were bank holidays, they’ve still had 3 working days, 4 if you count the Tuesday itself. Should I get onto them, or should I wait?

thanks in advance


When I got my offer from Deloitte, they called me literally on the way home. I suggest you give them a ring to find out- they are usually pretty snappy about these things.


…Hr will most likely have been trying to finish off a lot of loose ends before the short holiday period and may consequently not have had time to get back to you.

You should certainly call the firm if you have not heard anything after a week. After 3/4 days you could certainly call to enquire about your assessment without it coming across as too keen.

If you have made a contact or remember a particular member of the recruitment team or HR then call them up and ask for them by name. You should get your answer more swiftly this way, pus it adds a more personable element to your call.

Good luck and PLEASE let us know how it goes!!



1984 Darkstar , how did it go?I applied for tax as well, AC will come next week. Could you share some experience,esp. the written exercise is the same one people mentioned in the forum, the acquisition of Trafford Lea Book store?Thanks! Good Luck!!