Deloitte Assessment Centre - Consulting, Programme Leadership


Hello everyone,

Terrific site.

I have my Deloitte AS coming up for an experienced hire position as a Programme Leadership consultant. I have to do a written exercise/essay, case study, case study presentation interview, group exercise and partner interview.

I was wondering if anyone out there has recently had an AS for a Programme Leadership consulting role and, if so, could you please tell me what your essay question or case study was? Many of the Deloitte posts seem to be for Audit positions so I was wondering if the types of questions/case studies are different for PL.

Many thanks in anticipation.


hey anto,

I have my assessment centre for deloitte coming up for experienced hire.
Can you share your experience of the assessment?



Hi Antoinedoninel - I was wondering if you, or anyone else had any updates on the types of questions/case study in the assessment centre as I’m applying for a position in Programme Leadership also.

Many thanks for your help