Deloitte Assessment Centre 2010 Intake


Hello everyone, I tried looking on older threads but couldn’t find any updated information on Deloitte’s AC. I have been invited for an AC and would be very grateful if anyone could share his/her AC experience with Deloitte.

Additional information on the E-Tray exercise will be much appreciated (how the information were presented, length of test, number of questions, etc.).

With regards to the Partner interview, what kind of competency questions should I expect? I reckon it should differ from the first interview. It would be great if anyone who had a recent partner interview could provide some examples of questions asked.

Thank you very much in advance.


Also, during the Partner interview, are there any questions related to the email responses other than the written exercise (case study)? Thanks!




Hi Gaiden

From speaking to a 1st year trainee @ Deloitte and looking at the threads on the forum I don’t think the A/C has changed much from last year at all.

The partner interview will be looking for career motivation and professionalism to see if you are a good fit.

For the E-tray I reckon practising the Civil Service E-tray is your best bet, and working on timing. For the written exercise I’ve been told by HR that there is no min or max word limit, but they’re looking for clearly structured letter (possibly with bullet points) with minimal spelling errors and an ability to back-up your arguments logically in the partner interview.

I’ve also got my A/C @ the Deloitte Reading office coming up,maybe if mine is before yours I could pm you.


Hi jointhecircus,

Great to hear from you and thank you very much for your input.

I’ve tried the Civil Service E-tray but will do it again to familiarise myself with the test.

Do share your experience in here after your AC and I’ll do the same too regardless of the outcome.

Thanks again for your input!