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I have found the posts on here extremely helpful and thought I should post my own experience of job hunting on here to help others.

I applied to Deloitte for London Audit Grad scheme and have been lucky enough to have been offered a place. The whole process took exactly 2 months, from first submitting my application form to receiving an offer.

Application Form:

This is a fairly standard set up with questions such as why deloitte, why audit etc. It doesn’t have the extended compentency areas like other firms do, (eg Shell, BP etc). It is fairly straight forward, just make sure you get as much information about yourself into it as well as showing that you are interested by the job and company and know, roughly at least, what the job is that you are applying for!!

First round interview:

I was notified within a couple of weeks that I had been successful and I was given a first round interview date. This is entirely competency based and is probably the stage at which you can prepare the most for. If you prepare yourself for this stage and have got the competencies they are after then it is very passable. Go to the Deloitte website and look for their competency areas. These are quite rigorously stuck to in the interview and 2 examples for each will be asked for. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 2 EXAMPLES FOR EACH! My interviewer was very nice and made a concious effort to get me relaxed at first with small talk. Obviously this will vary depending on who you get. One thing I would say is to make sure that you have read the papers in the run up to the interview. My interviewer pushed my knowledge of the credit crunch, related news, as well as basic business terms. I personally don’t think I have a brilliant knowledge of all these areas but I was lucky enough to pull out a few key things from the FT I had read that morning. (eg inflation rate, oil price) Although I don’t think that this is integral it shows that you have a knowledge of what is going on around you. However, if you don’t know don’t guess, it will make you look foolish!!

The whole interview lasted about an hour and a half which I thought was quite a long time but it flies by!

Assessment Centre:

I had my first round interview on the Wednesday and was notified by email on Sunday!?!? lunch time that I had been successful at the first round interview stage. I was phoned a few days later to book in a date for the AC which was 2-3 weeks later.

The assessment centre comprises of:

  1. etray exercise:

  2. partner interview

  3. The etray is split into 2 parts, a) an email response section which lasts an hour and b) a written exercise which takes 50 mins.

a) I found this hard to prepare for and to be honest there isn’t a great deal you can do before the day. It really is a matter of being able to do it or not. However, it is definitely passable. I found that I was JUST ok for time. Make sure when answering the questions that you look at all the available information. (for example when asked who to assign to a task make sure not only to look at who is good at what but also if they are available or not) All the information you need is given in folders and this will all be explained when you get there. The etray on the government fast track is similar and will give you an idea of what it will be like but unfortunately you really can’t ‘practice’ this exercise.

b) I had a 10 minute break between the 2 exercise so you can stretch your legs etc before returning to do the written exercise. This is as stated on the deloitte and wikijob websites and involves suggesting which firm would be the best takeover target. I thought that it was between 2 of the 3 but as long as you argue your point in a logical way I think you should be ok. I started writing about one but changed my mind half way through because I felt there was a better justification for one. I used bullet points to list which were the good points and a reason behind each one. Apparently spelling isn’t key and I know I misspelt some words, I think what is more important is the way you structure your writting and the way in which you are seen to approach the problem. You are advised to spend the last 10 minutes or so writing some notes about your decision because as part of the partner interview you will need to justify what you have said in the written exercise. I was rushed for time in this and managed to only scrawl a few messy notes which does put pressure on you for later on. If you can get down the key reasons behind why you have made a decision it will be helpful later on.

  1. After lunch is the partner interview. Although everyone says this I am afraid that it is very true that every partner is different. When waiting for my interview other people at the day were whisked off for interviews by very varying characters, some a lot happier looking than others! All I can say here is be yourself whilst retaining professionalism. This interview is a lot more formal and the questions vary significantly. However, they DO want you to do well and are very ‘chatty’ at first to settle you in. I was asked about motivations for the job and why deloitte, quite similar to my first round interview, as well as a couple of competency questions and more general aspects about my course and life outside of uni.

Some people say that the experience is enjoyable, and although not dreadful I found the whole day quite stressful. I really wouldn’t worry too much about the day though, when it comes down to it if you are good enough to have made it that far then you shouldn’t be worried. The final day is more about whether you’d fit well within the organisation and not if you are ‘skilled’ enough.

Well thats about all I can think about right now! (sorry its a bit of an essay!) Any other questions feel free to ask.

I hope this is helpful!!


Thats a really good post Ollie, I had my deloitte assessment centre on Tues and would pretty much agree with that.

Were you in that a/c??!


Yeah I was!!! Who are you Londoner31?? How’d you get on? I hope you got an offer!


How is it that the written exercise takes up 50 minutes?? is there like a hundred pages to read beforehand or am i missing something? or is it because you need to do so much thinking? how deep do partners grill you on this exercise during the interview?

I understand it is hard to prepare for the AC, but what do you think are keys to passing the etray exercise successfully? Did you prioritize emails or answered in the order they arrived?

btw, thank you very much for the post Ollie, very informative and helpful indeed!



50 minutes goes very quickly!! there isn’t much to read which you’ll be glad to hear. Just takes a while I suppose. Id suggest 10mins at first to read the info, 30mins to write and check your answer and 10mins to get notes written down for the partner interview. The grilling depends on what you ask, again I wouldnt worry about this, if you answered the written exercise well then you’ll be fine.

I replied to emails as they arrived, Im pretty sure that this is the easiest and most efficient way to reply to them.

Have you all got AC’s coming up?


Hi Ollie,

Thanks for sharing your experience and congratulations!!!

I have tried the Civil e-tray but found that there were too much info to read, did you get as much info from Deloitte’s etray ?

Also, for the take over written exercise, do they provide u with the company’s sales figure, expenses, asset & liability? did u have to calculate the financial ratio to justify your answers?

Sorry for too many Question, hope to hear from you soon!


Hi Jann. The etray has a few bits of info to read but each one is quite concise. The info on the company is quite straightforward and you don’t need any technical knowledge to understand or to work out the answers. It is really just a case of using general knowledge, initiative and logic to work through a valid reason for your suggestion. Honestly I feel that there is very little in the way of preparation that you can do.


Thanks alot Ollie!

Did you spend the first 10 mins reading for the info before prioritising the tasks in the first part? are those emails related to Trafford Lea or something else?

I would definitely join your group here or Facebook if I pass my AC :stuck_out_tongue:


The emails are related to Trafford Lee, and I spent the first couple of minutes looking through the info, basically to find out what is available, then get on with replying to the emails, you’ll need to relate back to the info so knowing what is avilable helps. Try the government fast stream practice one to get an idea of how it works.


Thanks Ollie, I tried the fast stream practice and found that there were too much info to read , there were two long news articles about the disease. Does Deloitte’s e-tray provide as much info as well?


Slightly less, if I remember the fast stream one correctly. I think in total the Deloitte one has about 10 to 15 or so different articles but each are quite small in length, a chart or table or small statement. I wouldnt read everything before you start only find out what info you have available so when you are asked something you can relate back to the info. The fast stream is well worth doing a few times though if you are finding it hard to time manage.


Hi I only have 1st round interview coming up but I am really stuck with the Decision Making competency examples. I’ve got only 1 which is related to a social activity I don’t know what else I can take example from. Anyone got an idea pls helppppp!!! (I interned at Deutsche Bank b4 but i can’t think of any example from this experience for decision making!) :frowning:
Much appreciate your help!


Hey ollie

Ive been called for a deloitte AC id like to noe for the etray exercise if I have to brush through any acc/finance calculations (I heard there are some emails which you have to make calculations for) or is it basic math??



can you say a few pointers on why deloitte please?


does anybody know what are the main development/significant news in recently six month that have influences in aduit profession?
thanks a lot!


i had my first round interview today for Audit in london.

Make sure you have 2 examples for each competency…i know everyone says it but they asked for 2 in everything! The interview lastad about an hour and a half and the questions they asked were:

When have you had to make a decision? and they develop these some more based on your responses
When have you had goals and how did you go about achieving them?
When have you worked as part of a team?
When have you had to plan and organise something?
When have you last done a presentation?

Then there were the standard why audit? why deloitte? What is going on now that challenges deloitte and how can deloitte over come this? What do you think you’ll be doing day to day?

and then it finishes with an option to tell them anything extra that you feel is important and hasn’t been touched on. And of course to ask them a few questions

Anyway, hope that helps. Good luck


hi… I hope you get through to the second round.

I have a quick question for you, for the competency: Intellect, Analysis and Judgement, what kind of questions do they ask? Is it to do with decision making or problem solving?

Were you asked anything about problem solving? And are you allowed to repeat your answers?

Any help will be appreciated!


I personally wasn’t asked anything about problem solving. Just decision making and whether it was successful or not, what was learnt…etc they are looking for you to show that you have used logic (problem solving) to make an intelligent decision.

I would try and use a different example for each competency but I suppose that if you can take big differences from the same example then it could be ok. I would still reccomend trying to think of different example for each.


thanks alot for your help!!! :slight_smile:


Hi everyone,

I have my first interview for audit on thursday. Having looked read through the forum I have an undertsanding of the possible questions that may come up. However its often said to have two examples for each competency!! Does that mean, for example I would be asked " Give me two examples of when you’ve shown adaptability" or does the interview tell you what competency he/she is looking for when they ask you a question.

Any advice would be much appreciated.