Deloitte Application-to-Offer 2017


Deloitte Application to Offer

Hey guys. I’ve always found these kinds of threads really helpful to me, so I thought it’d be a good idea to write one myself on my experience applying to Deloitte and how the application process goes. Unsurprisingly, they have a pretty familiar selection process, but they do have a few quirks worth knowing about before you sign up so you can be properly prepared.

Online Application

This is your run-of-the-mill online form, really – no surprises. Education, employment, and some longer questions about your motivations and so on. Keep hold of the candidate ID they give you – their process is name-blind so you’ll need it.

Within a couple of days I was through to the next stage.

Game-based Assessment

So this bit is quite different to normal. It’s a psychometric test that you complete via a game. There’s a version on their website you can test to get a feel for it - - but it’s essentially a Flappy Bird clone, except easier. Regular gamers like me should have no problem, but if you’re not then get some practice in.

Online Assessments

The game-based assessment (perhaps unfortunately!) doesn’t replace the usual SHL-style tests. More specifically, Deloitte use TalentLens tests, and there are plenty of practice versions out there for that kind of assessment.

There are three sections to their online tests:

• Scenario-based questions that ask how you would respond to a typical situation.
• Numerical reasoning
• Verbal reasoning

For the scenario-based questions and especially for the interviews going forward, you’ll want to get to grips with Deloitte’s values which, according to their website, are:

• Integrity
• Outstanding value to markets and clients
• Commitment to each other
• Strength from cultural diversity

So make sure that you try to exhibit these qualities in the scenarios given to you and in how you come across in interview.

Service Line Questionnaire

This is the bit where you tell Deloitte which part of their business you’re looking to go into, and which professional qualifications you’re after. Apparently this part sometimes comes after the first interview or not at all, but I completed it before.

Assessment Centre

The meat of most selection processes. Annoying, nerve-wracking, but you gotta do it.

First up, I had the interview. This was conducted by a manager in the service line I applied for, and was actually quite relaxed. Apart from the usual CV questions, they mostly wanted to know what I’d been involved in, what I was proud of, a few examples of problem solving and things like that, as well as a good chat about Deloitte and its work culture.

After that there was a case study. It’s supposed to simulate the kind of work you do at Deloitte. You’re given a made-up scenario to examine and answer questions on. Because it’s made-up, you only need to prepare the technical skills rather than any specific knowledge – it’s an on-the-spot, 45 minute test.

That said, it’s quite easy to practice similar scenarios at home!

Finally, we were split into groups for a group exercise. This bit is actually quite similar to the case study section, except you discuss it in a group and present your conclusions afterwards. Don’t be overly pushy, but make sure your voice isn’t silenced. It’s one of those tough situations where you’re supposed to be working with people, but also against them in a way. Show good teamwork and leadership where appropriate, and you’ll do fine.

Final Interview

I was invited to the Deloitte office where I would be working for a final interview with a partner.

It’s not just an interview though: first of all, you’re given a topic before you arrive and have to give a short (five minute) presentation on it with a ten minute Q&A after. Again, this requires similar skills to the case study type exercises – assessing what’s in front of you and giving accurate conclusions and forecasts.

In the interview, they were interested in what I could offer Deloitte. It was quite similar to the previous interview really, but they dug a bit deeper, demanded more concrete examples and so on. Take the first interview as your preparation, and then double-down on it and you should be fine. And remember the qualities they’re looking for! Don’t hammer them home in an obvious way, but bear them in mind as you answer questions and give examples.


That’s it. Within a few weeks (one and a half for me) you’ll hear back. If you’re successful, happy days. If you’re not, Deloitte are actually very good at giving feedback, so ask what you could do to improve.

Good luck!


Thank you for taking the time to publish this! Having received a deloitte offer my self, this is very accurate & detailed!


Hi, thank you for this! I’ve applied for risk advisory & am up to my service line questionnaire after passing the initial test. I have 5 options to choose from however the one I am most interested in isn’t there, do you know if it’s possible to change this or would they have different options in a different office? Or if I were to pick my best option from the 5 would there be flexibility later on to change this? Thanks!


Hi @woodkxs,
Thank you for your post as it really helped me prep for my AC last week.I had the assessment centre in London last friday and was told yesterday that thought I was successful at the AC, I don’t have an offer yet as it needs to go through some levels of approval . So I am just waiting for this to get done. However, do you ahve any idea if this is just a formality or something I need to worry about?
I put in a lot of effort for the interviews and it would very disppointing to lose out on an opportunity at this stage.


Hi, do you mind telling us for which position this was? As only rare positions had AC for this year’s intake, right? And @woodkxs post is not relevant even for last year as there were not a game assessment and online assessments but immersive assessment and online job simulation. This AC that he described was part of application process for 2017/2018 intake. So now I am really confused how did you have it 11 days ago? :confused: