Deloitte Applicaiton form



I have got myself into a mess with the application form, I’m confused as to how I am meant to get my competancies into 100 words of why I want to work for Deloitte.

Any advice appreciated!!!


have you seen these articles on [[competency based questions]] and [[competency based interview]].

Deloitte don’t expect you to be a miracle candidate. If you have a 100 word limit for these questions, then they’ll expect your answers to be short, condensed… just get the point across - you have the competency in question and give an example.


What questions are you struggling with exactly?


Why does a career at deloitte appeal to you over other career options?
I know my answer
1 they are market leaders
2 they have an impressive client list
3 company ethos (training development, motivated intelligent colleagues)
How on earth do I get competancies in though…!

Tell us why you are particularly interested in joining the service line you have specified?

let us know what you think you will be doing on a day to day basis.

Each of them is only 100 words, and it also says I should demostrate competancies?? There are no other competancy questions on the applicaiton form. I think I have spent too long looking at it!

Thank you for any help.


Don’t worry about competencies for the first question - perhaps you could say the firms “motivated intelligent colleagues” appeal to your sense of [[teamwork]]… something like that, at a long shot.

These questions aren’t competency questions so I can see why you’re struggling. I’d call HR. Find out if they really mean you need to demonstrate competencies in these questions… they should make sense of this!


Thanks I will do.


I don’t think you need to worry too much. These aren’t [[competency based questions]] so just answer the questions as asked.

Make sure you get question three, “let us know what you think you will be doing on a day to day basis.” correct or you show that you do not know what you are applying for and are guaranteed to be rejected. In other words, research your answer fully.


Ignore this, sorry!