Deloitte and G Thorton numericals


Hi guys

I have been invited to sit online tests for Deloitte and G T. These are both PSL’s and was wondering whether anyone knew whether efinancial career tests were similar to PSL. This is because Ive done SHL tests last year and realised the efinanicals were a waste of time as the questions were very different.

Apart from the PSL kenexa website are there any other material I could use

Thanks guys


Hmm… how about trying the tests available on assessment day??


thanks for your reply imliano

I dont mind making the investment in assesment day as long as its similar to PSL…do you know if they are


I couldn’t tell you for sure - it’s been a year since I did any PSL style tests.


Are they really so different? Surely numerical tests are numerical tests…they all involve the same calculations like ratios, percentages, and so on.


There was a discernible difference between SHL and PSL when I sat the tests online (for PwC and Deloitte respectively) but the difference is not huge - as the09 mentioned. For improving upon performance in ANY test involving ratios, currency conversion, and the interpretaion of data, etc. I would say that the assessment day tests (at £4.99) are invaluable!


How do i get assement day tests i got a test with deloitte 2morow need emergency help :frowning:


can anyone who has taken both tell what are the key differences between SHL and PSL test? What does SHL and PSL stand for anyway? I have tried looking it up. Been to their websites, kenexa etc and taken the sample test… no help