deloitte analytical test



I just received a call from Deloitte inviting me to take the first of two tests for Business Analyst - Technology Integration Services, which they said it will be an analytical test.
The question is, does anyone know what this test is?

Thank you.


I’m afraid not, but could you post up what it is once you’ve done it?

At a guess, it might be one of these:
Diagrammatic reasoning | WikiJob


Just arrived home from the test.

It was composed of:

  1. Diagrammatic reasoning.
  2. Abstract reasoning.
  3. Numerical test.
  4. Text understanding.
  5. English test.

Hope it helps…


Thanks! How difficult was it? Any tips? How did you do?


The questions were fairly easy. The problem was we only had 7 mins. for the diagrammatic/abstract reasoning (12 questions each), 12 mins for the numerical test (20 q’s.) and 9 mins for the text understanding (3 texts with 12 q’s each)…so there’s your “working under pressure”.

I’m pretty confident i’ll make it to the interview :D…


Well done! I sat something similar at PwC (it might have been the same test, I think it was designed by SHL). As I recall, the time pressure was massive but nobody could finish it- I suspect it wasn’t designed to be finished. I remember finding the diagrammatic reasoning questions really quite tough- much harder than the examples, and could only do a couple of them. I also seem the recall that in this section the questions seemed to get progressively harder.

Well done again!


Pls can anyone tell me how Delloite apptiitute text look like, I recieved a text message inviting me for aptitute text. thanks