Deloitte Analyst Digital Solutions in Consulting interview advice?


Hi All, I was invited to do a online SHL test and a face to face interview (last for an hour) this upcoming Friday. I am hoping to gather some past experience on the structure, type of question, quality that Deloitte consulting in technology consulting are looking for. I was guessing this is not a AC assessment center type interview because this is an graduate position and according to the duration of the interview, it is hardly one. Will there be a second round AC assessment ? Will there be case study group or case interview individual ? How technical will those questions be ?



If you are called for an SHL test and then a face to face interview, I think this might be a screening round at the consultancy. It is usually done to know more about a candidate and as a part of the introductory stage. If you have already introduced yourself well, this might be a round where they would want to know whether you are suitable for a certain job profile. Technical questions are asked when you have enough experience working in a particular field. You are expected to know about what you are working on. This might also include a few case studies just to see how well you are at taking decisions and problem solving. On the other hand, if you are a fresher, they would want to test you on how you would go ahead doing basic stuff. Here too, there might be a few case studies, but not technical ones. Whatever may be the scenario, be prepared with the basic knowledge required for the job profile. All the Best to you, dear!


Thank you for your reply, after some screening and compare to other candidate experience, I am certain this is an individual interview. I am glad I am on the right track on preparing for the interview. Just a few more questions though. Can you also speculate on what deviation would there be if its a case interview for this particular role. I mean, I have done studying on traditional Victor Cheang McK style cases but I don’t see how that gonna translate into an digital analyst question, any insight ? Also, what can I expect in the next round ? or will there be an other round ? These are just for mental preparation, I am doing practical revision on my field of knowledge and necessary interview knowledge according to you suggestion. You have helped me a lot. Thank you !