Deloitte - A gap year before starting as a graduate



I was told a while ago that I have made it through to the assessment centre for Tax in London. I’m really keen to work in Tax and am confident that Deloitte is a great choice.

But - next year I want to take a Gap year. If I made it through and was offered a position, how would I go about deferring my start date until 2011? Is this a normal thing to do and is there any particular point at which I should tell the firm that a gap year is what I want to do?


I think they have start dates for 2010 and 2011 listed so you should have chosen that when you first applied.

I think you should let them know now as the partner will probably want to ask about why you want a gap year etc.



I’ve defered my job for a year with PwC and the way I did it was to wait until I got my contract through and then phone up the recruitment people and explain I wanted to defer. I then had to send in a written application explaining how I thought a gap year would benefit me and how I thought it could benfit PwC. Then I had to go for a chat/interview with the partner I had my original interview with and explain again why I wnated a gap year and what benefits I thought it would bring. Then they phoned me a few days later saying they would defer my job offer and sent me through a new contract. So… I don’t know specifcally how Deloitte does it but I would imagine it would be similar.


2011 wasn’t listed when I applied. I’m a bit nervous about asking and don’t want it to damage my chances.


Hi guys,

I’m in the process of doing this at the moment and am quite worried - I have to have my written application in and am not sure what’s best to put on it - basically I want to take the year out to move to Australia just because realistically once I do my masters and go into PwC and qualify I’ll be 26 and don’t think it’s realistic that I’d take a year out of my career and travel then! Is this an acceptable reason though?!

Also, I want to see if I can get the deferral before I start to make solid plans about the trip (in case they refuse it) but what happens if after I start to research it I change my mind or it turns out not to be feasible anymore?

If anyone has any advice or experience with this situation I’d be really grateful.