Deloitte 2nd stage (partner) interview feedback for Manager Data Science?


Hi all,

I applied for assistant manager and manager Data Science roles at Deloitte last year. Interviewed via telephone in November. Received no reply until I pinged them in January and was called for 1st stage interview for the manager role in February. Passed it and called for 2nd stage interview with the partner in first week of March. I prepared really well for the interview but unfortunately, I got (ACTUALLY!) late for the interview …by 15 min or so. Overall it didnt go well …at least not as good as I expected! In the end I inquired that how long would it take before I expect to receive a feedback and partner told me it wouldnt take long…perhaps a couple of weeks but not certainly couple of months.

It has been 2 months and 1 week and I have heard nothing regarding that interview…almost 1 month back I pinged the HR and he told me with an apology that he is chasing the partner for the feedback. I pinged again a week ago and received no reply so far. I am not unsure of my skills set though I still regret that I got late and interview didnt go well. I still believe I deserve a feedback nonetheless…even if I am not first in the line.

What should I do? Should I apply again or should I wait?

I am open to some kind suggestions.