Deloitte 2021 Intake


Has anyone here applied for graduate 2021 intake at Deloitte?


i didn’t


Hi, there. Yes I did.


What stage are you at? And which service line?


I am yet to do the job simulation. And you?


I submitted the job simulation last week


Hope your application goes well. May I know how you prepared for that? Practice tests?


Which programme did you apply to? How are you already on job simulation stage?


Job simulation was purely scenario based, there was a case given and I had to answer questions regarding that. There were two emails that I had to write, some video responses, SJT’s and data interpretation. The numerical part was not too difficult but since it is timed so you have to be quick.
You are given around 3 minutes to prepare for the video responses which, I think, is more than enough.


I applied for Risk Advisory- Technology Digital Risk at Manchester.


hi have you heard back from Deloitte after job simulation.Received an email on 30th September saying we will give further information w/c 12th October, however I received nothing till now.Wondering if that means I have failed


Just did the job simulation and the portal says it will get back to us sometime in march? however the email itself said its usually around 4 weeks of completing it.