Deloitte 2021 Intake

I would do it in 5 calendar dates just to be safe

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Hi Jess!
There are 26 questions, with ranking order questions and numerical&verbal questions. The latter ones are a little bit difficult(don’t worry, just calm down and you can do it, cause there is no time limitation). For the order questions(just like sjt questions), you just need to be honest and choose based on your true opinions. I highly suggest that you search for the company value before doing the test.

About 2~3 minutes on average, depending on different types.

Hi Kira, thank you so much for your help! It is really kind of you.

Hey, I have finished the Online Assesment on 13rd this Sep. However, I have not received any email yet. Anybody in the same situation like me?

Hi! Has anyone done the job simulation?

If so, are all the tasks timed or just the video questions?

Thank you! Good luck everyone!

I submitted my responses on 14th and haven’t got any feedback yet. I think they’ll get back to us today/tomorrow. Cheers

The sjt questions aren’t timed but every other question is

Thank you! So nervous, going to do it today
Good luck with your application!

How did it go?

I think it went okay!
Was a bit nervous about the timed exercises, but they do allocate enough time for you to do everything at a steady pace.
They give you quite a bit of time to think as well for the video questions, so that was nice.
Have you done yours?

Fingers crossed!

Doing mine tomorrow, ill let you know how it goes. Sounds promising though, well done!

Good luck!
Yes, please do :slight_smile:

Which service line did you apply to? Were all of your questions case-study based? I applied for Human Capital and found it really challenging! I thought I was prepared (my friend had sent me the questions he was asked when applying for an audit & assurance job - not grad scheme) but since all of my questions were case-study based my prep wasn’t super relevant. They didn’t ask me anything like “Why Deloitte?” or “Why this service line?”. Got no idea how well I did… :worried:

Hey! I applied for audit & assurance - grad scheme
Yes, most of my questions were based on the case study and were quite situational
I wasn’t asked any of those questions either, did your friend get asked those ‘Why Deloitte’ kinda questions?

Ahh hopefully it went fine, as long as you seemed confident throughout I’m sure you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

Hey there, I also applied for Human Capital and will be doing the simulation tomorrow. Could you please share what types of questions you were given? My friend who applied to different line said there are writing emails + analysis type of written responses, and some ranking STJ as well. Is that what you came across? Thank you in advance!

Hi Wendy, yes, that’s exactly what I came across. Not a single question could really be prepared in advance tbh, because they were all relating to the case study. The whole thing was broken into 3 sections, each of which included video responses, ranking order/SJT, and writing emails. One of the sections also included a part which was 8 maths questions to complete in 8-minutes.

Because I took the full time given to prepare for each question, and I went to the toilet in between the timed ones, it took me around 1hr 30-45min to complete, just FYI.

Yeah I think I did alright, I’m good at talking and presenting, so I think the videos went well. I ran out of time on 1 or 2 of the written questions, so they weren’t amazing. I just have no idea what they’re looking for or how I compare to other candidates… Guess we’ll just have to wait and see! :crazy_face:

Been invited to job simulation.

can anyone say what the video questions were, I know they’re case study but more specifically? Also how many video questions are there?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Congratulations :slight_smile:

There were five video questions.
Literally just read all the information they give you. All the questions are pretty straight forward.
They give you up to 3 minutes to prepare for some questions, so don’t worry and just do it.
There’s not much you can prepare for it.