Deloitte 2020 Intake


No. It was UK landline.


Thank you! And good luck yourself!


Anyone know what kind of competency questions they ask in the AC??


I’ve just completed the job simulation for financial advisory, transaction services.

I know I have left it to late ? if I can’t be considered for my first choice role, can I ask Deloitte to consider me for a role that they are still taking job simulations for ?


Can I ask did anyone use a mac or Windows powered computer/laptop for the job simulation? Cause in email it says avoid using mac for the video interview, not really sure about this. Thx!


I used a Mac, then just used chrome just in case and was fine


I used my Mac for mine


You’re best off asking Deloitte, but they do like for you to be specific about what programme you want to switch to, and why the switch makes sense


has anyone ever message these people? pretty certain they are scams cos they post the same thing in every forum for each firm lmao


Cheers mate!


Thx for your information!


Got Final Stage Assessment invitation! This is for consulting. Dates are from 26th onward.

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Got a final stage assessment invite… anyone know what kind of things they ask you to do??


Congrats! Can I ask how they contacted you to let you know you’ve progressed to AC?


Just got the email: Although you have passed the Job Simulation, we’re not able to invite you to the Final Stage Assessment, as first we’re progressing candidates that are more aligned to the strengths of this role. :sob::sob:.
Anyone has same situation?


Has anyone received a response to their assurance job simulation? or are all these replies for other service lines


I got an e-mail.


Has anyone been given a date for an AC? Got invited for an AC for M&A this morning and the email said there’s no available assessment days and they’ll be in touch in due course


When did you finish your job stimulation? Thx


23rd September.