Deloitte 2020 Intake


No, I haven’t been asked. I don’t think it’s anything negative though, so don’t overthink it!


Fingers crossed


Don’t worry at all. I was asked as well and I got through to the job simulation. Take it as a positive sign as they’re taking the time to review your application in more depth since probably you have met the benchmark of their immersive online assessment.
Best of luck !


Hi SLT, I have received that email this morning!


Thank you :slight_smile: How long did it take for them to respond?


Yes. I guess it means we didn’t fail the IOA

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Yeah, I’d take it as a good sign :joy:

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As far as I remember it was like within a week. Hope it helps !

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Yes! I received the email, asking me about my points. Then two days later, I received the job stimulation test.:laughing:

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Has anyone heard back from Legal after the job simulation?
They are closing apps on 14th Oct now


I literally just received an email saying I passed the job simulation but they are progressing with other candidates first, and I would have to wait until 22nd of Nov to find out if there are any vacancies left…


What division did you apply to?


Well done for passing, I know it’s not ideal to have to wait but I’ve been in a similar situation with another company before and was called to an AC at the last moment. I haven’t heard back yet so it may not be good news…


When did you complete the job simulation?


could you please tell me what kind of position and which location you applied?


more than two weeks ago


financial advisory - M&A London


financial advisory - M&A