Deloitte 2020 Intake


Has anyone done the assessment centre for BrightStart and willing to give me some information?


hey do you mind sharinf what is your base salary? wondering the difference between lonodn and outside


Anyone done the Brightstart Final stage Assessment??


What was your interviewers name? And what was to your feedback


I did mine yesterday, when was yours? i don’t have any feedback yet


Has anyone heard back from the Belfast office ?


When did you do your interview?


I had my interview on the 20th March. What about you ? What office ?


I already received my offer for the Belfast office in the winter. I think they let me know about a week after my interview?

3 weeks seems a bit long to be waiting for an answer but I’m assuming the long wait is due to the current situation surrounding COVID-19. I’ve heard others being sent emails saying to wait about 2 more weeks for an answer because Deloitte’s currently monitoring the situation and aren’t able to give a response at the moment.

I would try emailing them just to check in on the progress of your application though, just to see if they have any updates. Might put your mind at ease!

Really hoping you get a response soon though!


Oh wow.
Yes, after my interview she said I would find out in a week but I emailed them and they said a response won’t be given till mid April. That was very quick your process and getting and offer during Winter. What position did you apply for? Could you give me some insight to your interview and feedback? I’m in two minds because I felt it went well but doubting myself.


I applied for tech consulting, what about you?

It’s been a really long time so I can’t remember too much from my interview. Like you said, I thought it went well and I was happy with it.

The people at the Belfast office are quite friendly and I think they were just looking to see if I was interested in technology and how I was keeping up to date with it (e.g. learning programming languages, reading the news on latest tech, podcasts etc.) and just my motivation around joining Deloitte and what I saw my career trajectory being at the company.

I remember having a discussion on the future of the company with my interviewer and he mentioned that they were actually expanding the Belfast office (they’re constructing a new office at Bedford to join the current office and the Deloitte Digital office) and they were looking to recruit more students this year, so I’m hopeful that you’ll get the offer because it seems that there’s a demand for it. Of course, this was before the coronvirus situation, so I’m not sure what they’re going to choose to do now.

Was reading the news and Deloitte recently had a virtual meeting with the rest of the Big 4 and other accounting firms regarding employment. They’re all still trying to figure out what to do, I’m sure. I think we’ll be getting an update near the end of this month, once they’ve come to a decision. Bit of a wait though…

For those of us who already received offers, we were recently sent an email confirming that our offers are still intact, which is reassuring, but nothing has really been said about extending new offers. Just the generic message about their commitment to the health and wellbeing of their candidates.

I have a friend who is currently going through the application process for another Big 4 and is in the same boat as you – no updates because of COVID-19. So I can only imagine how anxious you must be. Have you applied to any other companies in the meanwhile or is Deloitte the only one you’ve applied to?


I had my interview 31/03/2020, and got a response a week later


For Belfast ?
I have applied for other job posts but haven’t had any offers so far tbh. Did you apply for a graduate or degree apprenticeship ?


Ah, okay, that’s promising! Which office did you apply to?


Applied for industrial placement. Did you apply for graduate?


No. Bright start apprenticeship!
Do you live in Belfast ?


I received an offer for consulting (in regards to the Monitor division) back in December / January time… I’ve since received an official offer email (in January) and a generic message about their commitment to the health and wellbeing of their candidates. Did you receive another email re. the offer still being intact?


Yes, currently in Belfast.

I unfortunately don’t know too much about the BrightStart Apprenticeship myself but there is a thread on TSR for 2020 applicants which you might want to check?


No, you’re correct. It was a post on the FB group, not an e-mail. Apologies for the confusion, my memory is plain awful :roll_eyes:

Someone had e-mailed Deloitte asking how COVID-19 would affect their visa situation and they’d replied back: “On that note, please be informed that certainly graduates roles are still secured and Deloitte will be bringing on new graduates in September 2020.” So we could probably assume that current offers are still intact.

Of course, until we get an official e-mail sent out to everyone, it is still entirely possible this could change. Although, I don’t think it would be likely. Universities wouldn’t be particularly happy if Deloitte started to rescind offers and it would certainly tarnish their reputation… I would think they’d probably defer our start date or something but, to be honest, it’s difficult to tell what they’ll decide to do. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…


I felt the email that was sent out didn’t give anything away at all, but it’s reassuring to hear they’ve provided some clarification over social media. Such strange times. Thanks for the update!