Deloitte 2020 Intake


Hi there,

Congrats on the offer! I have my interview coming up, would you be so kind to give me insights on what kind of questions were asked on interview so I can prepare?

Thank you so much!


Hi Fredgoody, congratulations on the offer! I was wondering if you can help me please, I have my interview coming up what kind of questions were you asked in the interview?

Thank you!


Anyone joining the internal audit team in london?


Hi! Was anyone on the waiting list after AC? Because they have no space


Have anyone been though Job Simulation for Governance,Risk line? Could someone please share some tips on how to prepare for this? Thanks so much!


Is anyone still waiting to hear back who’s been on hold since December? What does your portal say?


What educational certificates do they check for the pre-employment screening?


I was asked to provide the following:

  • Evidence of predicted first or 2:1 undergrad degree (this might differ depending on the role and location you’ve applied for)

  • Evidence of 104 UCAS points/260 UCAS points pre-2017 from top 3 A Level grades (excluding General Studies), so this would be your A-level certificates

  • Evidence of GCSE Level 6/Grade B in Maths and GCSE Level 4/Grade C in English Language, so this would be your GCSE certificates

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I just received final stage invitation of
the summer scheme,could anyone help me with what questions i will be asked? thanks!


Do they also check the employment history in details, such as period of employment for temporary jobs? Someone said temporary jobs were not important for them, but others told me the screening is very thorough


Hi, I did my final interview for summer intern last months. I think there were 8 questions in total, which has divided into two sections, so 4 questions for each.

So basically the manager will ask about why did you choose this service line and why this location in the first section. As I remembered, for the second part, there were one/two questions about give me an example when you have shown xxxx, as well as the situational questions, like how did you do xxxx when xxxx, but I can’t remember exact questions he asked.

There is a typical one that he has asked which is what might be the biggest challenge during your summer intern.

It took me around half an hour approximately, the chat is quite casual but have to dress properly, at the end of the interview you will also have a chance to ask the manager some questions.

Best of luck!


Thanks!really helpful!btw,anything about commercial awareness?


For me, not really. He mainly focused on strengths and competencies, also with some motivation questions. Quite similar style like a video interview, but with a more relaxed environment.


I just finished my final interview for summer vacation and share my experience here.Mine was very quick,only 20 mins. Most are motivation questions and situational jugement.To be specific, how to be knowledge when giving a speech to senior magagers? Agree with ‘people can’t do well if they do sth they don’t like’?.Only one competency-based-----a time u learnt sth proactively.
Btw,she told me I will get a result early next week, is that a bad indication ? as it’s too quick!

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Anyone got an assessment center this Friday? I just read that Deloitte has one case of coronavirus in the building next to the interview location…


Hi HXY, Did you receive your outcome already?


Not yet. I received email from recruitment team telling me they are in the busy season. I will receive an update by April.


How soon should I expect to hear back after the assessment centre?


Hi Yung, can I be added to the WhatsApp chat.
My number is : 07474669182


How long it usually takes to get written offer for summer intern after sending visa document?

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