Deloitte 2020 Intake


Hey guys, just want to give a quick update, I heard back from them that they’re able to transfer me yesterday (like after 6pm), and this morning they sent me the final round invitation, btw I was transferred to gatwick, good luck to everyone under the transfer situation!! :slight_smile:


Anyone have done their partner interview for London Audit?


You hear anything?


Nothing yet, you?




@Yung @onx14111 Which service line under S&O did you apply for?


has anyone here done an interview for M&A? did mine last week and the wait is killing me!


Just got the offer for S&O- operations transformation



They made you wait 3 weeks then, did you get into contact with them or just wait for the student recruitment team to get in touch?


Congrats my bro! I applied for Enterprise, Technology and Performance.

Did they call you?


Thanks, I never got into contact with anyone. They called me.


Thanks, yeah they called.


What questions were asked in the presentation and partner interview please? Tips you can provide. Thanks


Is anyone going for the Edinburgh A&A final stage interview on the 9th Dec?!


Me, but on the 10th Dec.

Do you want to practice the interview together?


Has anyone been invited to manchester A&A

They sent an email saying they’ve delayed mine


I want to create a WhatsApp group for those waiting to hear back after the AC. PM me your numbers. It might help ease the anxiety levels :smiley:


Hi all,

Very late to the party, but let see.

I have applied for the grad scheme for tax consultant in transactions.

Anyone else here applied for the same programme?


Hi me, I gonna have my assessment on the 10th Dec.
Do you wanna practice the interview together?


I’ve made this group, so PM me your numbers if you want to be part of it. It should help with AC and etc.