Deloitte 2020 Intake


Creating a new thread for the 2020 intake for Deloitte.


Does anyone know the level of difficulty during assessment day in each office? Is the partner interview of small city such as glasgow easier than that of large city such as London? How do you choose the office location?


I should think that you’d choose the office that you want to work in, whichever is closest to you. I live in London, and am applying for the London office. Deloitte has several offices in and around London, so I just picked the ones that are easiest for me to get to (central London, Uxbridge, and Gatwick). If you’re living in London it seems silly to go all the way to Glasgow for an assessment day, but I have no idea if it would impact your overall chances of getting through.


Anyone else done the Immersive Online Assessment? How did you find it?