Deloitte 2019 Intake



Thanks. Yeah the position I applied to probably has 2-3 vacancies if that so I’m not expecting much.


apart from the video recording answers - do you know if you are recorded throughout the entirety of the job simulation?


My camera light was still on but most likely not.


ok thanks for answering!! if you don’t mind, may I also ask - for the video are the questions competency based? or situational? i’m quite nervous as i have never ever done anything like this before. additionally, were there a lot of numeracy questions?


No, it’s all based on how you would approach a situation. There were around 8 critical and numerical reasoning questions but they weren’t too difficult.


Do you not give examples though of where you have reacted to those situations in the past?


Aw thank you that was rather comprehensive x Also, can i check with you the time frame for completing the job simulation? Ive heard it was within 5 working days after you select your service line. I’m kinda still prepping so was wondering if i could choose my service line when i’m ready to take the test?


they say 5 working days but really they give you 10 working days , a recruiter told me


Yes you can pick your service line at your earliest convenience.


Does anyone know if you can transfer your application to a different role/service line if the job you initially applied for gets filled early?


did anyone even get an assessment centre?


Yeah you can. If they liked you at partner interview but don’t offer you a place (because of spaces etc.), they’ll give you the option to go for a different department that still has places.


Not heard anything yet.


Hi, I’m planning to do my job simulation within these few days and I’m applying for tax also, may I ask you about the relevant questions that they asked in the job simulation? Thank you so much!


Has anyone heard back from the job sim? They said they’d get back the week commencing Nov 5th?


I have done mine 3 weeks ago and didn’t hear anything yet…


Does anyone who applied for tax receive invitation to AC?


Has anyone applied for Analytics or Technology Consulting or to Deloitte Digital?


How did everyone find the job simulation? I thought the video responses were interesting, but the numerical parts were kinda tricky? Ive got many answers that were not on the list of choices lol


Any advice for the job simulation, such as what to expect or how to prepare? Were the video or numeric questions based on the programme you applied for or were they general questions? Thanks :slight_smile: