Deloitte 2019 Intake



I did mine 2 weeks ago. So far I’ve not heard back from them yet


“Job Simulation Submitted - Thank You! We will contact you soon with an update on your application”.

How about yours?




Anyone knows when the dealine is for London Audit I know it’s closed already. Anyone knows the date?

Do they really look at everyone’s at once and set the benchmark for the job simulation?


How long did everyone wait for a reply on their immersive online assessment? I’ve been waiting almost 3 weeks now, had them email last week asking for my exam grades etc. but not heard anything since.


For me, I waited for 3 weeks. And I got the invite for the next stage.

Maybe cuz I applied in Sep, they weren’t that busy yet.

Which Office you applied for?


Hi, Is there any chance you could send me a direct message please? :slight_smile: I am about to complete my job simulation for tax and I would be very grateful for some guidance! I am more than happy to help you out with any other companies applications in return!


I was just over 3 weeks, if they have asked for additional information I would take this as a positive


Hi - just to double check - the job simulation (stage 3) is timed for 1 hour right?


I don’t think so. Only your video responses and the case study questions are timed. It should take around one hour though.


Has anyone done the final assessment stage yet for assurance? if so could they provide some details?


Hello! I’m applying for audit & assurance FTSE too and just got an invite for job simulation. Was wondering if you could share a little on how it went? I’m mainly concerned on the type of qns they ask for video responses. Thanks for helping!! X :slight_smile:


Need to do the Job Simulation within the next few days myself.

I’ve found some resources for it online but they’re a bit pricey (won’t link here because I don’t want them catching on!). If anyone is willing to go halfsies, shoot me an email:


Got put into the talent pool after the job simulation. Is this just a nice way to reject people or has anyone got an actual rejection?


I honestly don’t think you need extra resources.

There’s a lot of video questions for the (business line anyways). For this just practice the types of questions you would for a real interview. They actually advise you to do this which I didn’t follow and regret.

The data given was actually a lot less than EY and I only had 2 numerical questions.



Can i ask which service line you applied too?


I think it’s a semi-rejection in that if they need extra people they might contact you. They did this last year to loads of people but i didn’t hear of any of those people progress after that message.


I applied to Restructuring Services at a regional office.



If you read this thread you will come across questions they ask in the job simulation.
There is around 18 questions, split into three sections. 6/7 of these questions are video recorded. You will have to write an analysis on the case study given, and also write an email on memos and typos.

Try coming up with your own questions on how to approach situations (i.e. how to introduce yourself, how you would define successful collaboration). Make sure you align your answers with their culture and values.

Good luck!


Ahh fair! I did my simulation two weeks a go and still haven’t received a response from Deloitte.