Deloitte 2019 Intake


Yes I did! But in my case it took almost 6 weeks to get my offer letter!!


Hey guys! Congrats to everyone who got an offer and for those who have AC’s coming up! Is there anyone who has gotten an offer or applied to the Reading office?


Applied for audit in reading, have my final assessment Wednesday :slight_smile: How did you find yours?


hey i’ve an upcoming final assessment on thurs in reading too! i suppose its just one day after yours, which service line are you in?


Audit and Assurance - International. Got called a while ago saying all the vacancies for my original service line had been filled so they moved me.


oh my goodness, i’m in the exact same position!


Hi!Is your position for audit and assurance? Could you tell me the start and end date of the internship?
I’m an international student so I need to arrange for my flight tickets and accommodation in advance.


Hope it went well! Mine went well actually, got an offer 2 weeks later :slight_smile:


Guys, I have AC on Wednesday. Anyone knows the format of the group exercise? What it consists of?This is the first time I’m attending an AC and I am not sure what to expect. Thanks


Hi, mine was risk advisory graduate role, not an internship!


Re: Reading Offer

Was your offer letter sent after mailing reminders to the recruitment contact, or did you just stay the course and wait for it?


Have you guys heard anything about on-boarding or what happens after getting the offer? I’ve got my offer many months ago but I haven’t heard much except an email regarding the start date and visa stuff. Speaking about visas, I’ve received an email saying they cannot apply for a visa before July which is a little worrying cause the visa takes 8 weeks to process and the start dates are early Sep so there’s not much room for delays, I wondering how’re the internationals here dealing with that?


me have the same worry. still waiting for the written offer, how long took u to get written offer after verbal one


Hi here,

I hope you are well. I just got the invitation to do final stage in London. someone can share me some insights? do we have a group exercise in final stage? or ?


Hello everyone!

I applied for international audit in Cambridge back in December. Following submission of job simulation and almost 4 months of waiting, I have finally received a response today.
Unfortunately all the positions available in Cambridge were filled, but I have been offered to interview for the Channel Islands offices.
I am not sure how to take it, I have a partner, a baby son, and a mortgage…moving to the channel islands would be extremely disruptive and stressful…but would it be worth it? Are there any particular benefits of working in the channel islands that you are aware of???
Or does any of you know whether it would be possible to wait to be interviewed for when new positions will become available?

Thank you!


Hi all

my immersive assessment with Deloitte was not successful and the feedback report indicated that my strongest strengths are Numerical Interpreter and Critical Analyst and my weakness is Agility. I’m very confused by the outcome and feedback report. Anyone have some ideas? Many thanks!


I just waited for it and got an offer 2 weeks after the PI


hi guys, so ive been waiting for quite awhile after the partner interview and my portal today changed to “final stage attended - we will contact you soon with an update” is this a positive sign to take? thanks x


hey! i was invited for the final interview to london as well, but I’m not able to book an interview since there are no slots… Do u have the same issue?


congratulations ! I have already booked a slots in May. You can try to contact them in the online Helpdesk.