Deloitte 2019 Intake


Good afternoon guys,
Could you please tell me what does that mean : “We wanted to get in touch to thank you for your application and your continued patience after your final interview.

We have been reviewing interview feedback and will be in the position to advised you of your final outcome by 15th April at the latest.”

I am dying …


Hi Anon, really appreciate the write up. I did my job simulation exactly three weeks ago today. How long did it take for you to know you passed and had to do the interview? I am worried the places may fill up before I even have the opportunity to do the interview…


hey Edward, when did you receive this email, and when u attend the final interview? mine is 02 April, haven’t heard anything from them till now


I attended on 04/04, but do you check deloitte portal, what is your status. My status changed after I received the email…


I got this email last week
‘ We hope you are well. We wanted to get in touch to let you know weare still in the process of reviewing feedback from your assessment day and assuch we are not yet able to let you know your outcome. Please accept our apologies for this delay, we appreciateyour patience so far. We will let youknow your outcome as soon as possible, but if you have any questions, pleaseget in touch at [ ‘
My AC was on the 25th of March so I’m getting slightly worried now! It seems like people are getting different emails… anyone got the same email?


my portal status is Final Stage Assessment Attended - Thank you for attending our Final Stage Assessment, we will contact you soon with an update. and i didnt receive any email after that… i called them, they said i will get outcome before their easter holiday


Hey! When did you recieve your offer letter after your intertiew if i may ask? I received a verbal offer on the 1st of March, but no offer letter as of yet :frowning:


I finished my video interview around mid Nov, was told that I passed in early Jan, and then finally managed to access interview slots in early Feb :slight_smile:

Actually I applied for Ftse audit London initially, then just before Feb, Deloitte emailed me to say all the slots for my applied programme had filled up. They then asked me to choose another audit line that still had vacancies, I did, and everything’s still fine. So don’t worry too much unless you only want a very specific line!


Yeah have heard back


about a week or so after my interview. I’d recommend chasing up your recruitment contact (probably the one who called you about the offer) because you need to send the letter to the immigration team. Also, it state some important terms like expected salary, benefits and any conditions to your offer (grades etc).


How long after the job simulation do they get back to you? I did it last Friday and it still days job simulation submitted. I applied for assurance analytics and modelling. I heard Deloitte take quite a long time to make a decision.


Mine was 3 month, I did job simulation at January and got final interview on April


From what I’ve heard, no news is good news(in a way that if you fail, they’ll let you know immediately), I wonder if that’s true. Did anyone have to wait for months for the outcome of their application and get rejected?


Thank you for much!!


Has anyone heard back after a final interview at the London office?


How long does it take to hear back after live interview (for summer vacation scheme)?


Finally I got an offer this morning, they called me at 10 o’clock. This forum really helpful. Thank you guyssssss

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My memory is really fuzzy on this, but yes I think I used STAR on one occasion


Hi guys, who knows the start and end time for the summer vacation scheme in audit? I just don’t know when I can receive the written offer.


Have you received the offer letter so far? I asked the online helpdesk where the officer said it shoud be within ten days after you receive verbal offer, but I have waited for over 10 days:tired_face: