Deloitte 2019 Intake


Hey, I’ve just received my offer and had my interview at their St Albans office on the 28th of March. This forum really helped me and if anyone needs insights on any stage, feel free to drop me a message!
Good luck everyone :slight_smile:


Congrats! What service line for?


any offer holders started the immigration process yet?


hey, no not yet. have you received the email about the immigration process? and which division and location have you been given an offer for?


I heard back 2 weeks after my PI. have you heard yet?


Hi there,

I’m Katherine and applying for the assurance role. Could you please add me to the WhatsApp group? 07709687766

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Hey! I was wondering if you could give me any tips for the partner interview? Thank you!!


I did yeah and boy was it a long email. The immigration team seem to really know what they’re doing but I have a unique situation so hopefully they’ll sort me out. I’ve gotten my offer many months ago so I wouldn’t worry if you didn’t receive that email yet. tbh the partner interview seems like a breeze compared to the immigration process as there are a lot of steps involved but assuming your a non-EU student you’ll be helped throughout the process.


okay great! just got an email as well :slight_smile:


Thanks! And assurance


Hey Rosie,

I would say be your confident self through out! Remember it’s not just you answering questions, but also getting to know Deloitte even more. Research about Deloitte, their values, prepare examples for each value, read the news if anything and lastly make sure you practice your presentation like a million times!!!

Good luck for your interview !

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This forum was very useful for me during the application process so just wanted to share my experience.

I applied in November for the Audit graduate scheme and received an offer early April. Had to complete the Immersive online assessment, which is basically testing you as an individual, your ability to interpret data and numerical skills. 10 days later I was told that I had made it to the Job simulation. This consisted of video recorded answers surrounding a case study, interpreting data again and questions relating to interacting with colleagues. Unfortunately, I do not remember specific questions, just one about how you would introduce yourself to colleagues.

After completing all tests in November it took up to three months (early February) until I received news that I had made it to the final stage. It was not total silence as Deloitte did keep me in the loop with a few emails, which is very good of them if you consider the number of people who are applying. I had to wait another month until I could book an interview as there were no interview slots available. I made contact with the help desk service and they were very helpful in stating that slots would be made available it was just a matter of when.

The interview included a 5 min presentation with a partner then your normal competency based questions. The partner was very welcoming and made the whole process feel like just a chat between two people. I received an offer after three working days.

My advice would be to understand the role you are applying for from top to bottom. Research is key, find out why you want to work for Deloitte as well as understanding their core values. Their website has a lot of material and you can see that they are big on technology so try to draw on that.

Overall Deloitte was very helpful during the process, it did take a long time but you have to be patient. At the end of the day, all you can do is apply and carry out the tasks, the rest of the process is in their hands, and that’s the approach I took.

I am sorry I could not provide much detail but a few people here have touched on parts that I have missed. I wish you all good luck!


Anyone still waiting for response for final an interview for Manchester since 04/04/2019 :frowning:


Is anyone here an international student who has to switch their tier 4 visa into a tier 2?


What time of the day does Deloitte normally ring regarding the outcome of the partner interview?


Thanks for the write up. For the situational video questions in the job simulation did you provide examples of how you have done this in the past?


@hs4 @moh.signh

Congrats on your offers! I’m prepping for the tier 4 to tier 2 thing too :slight_smile: if you want to be in contact, pm me!


For those applying, hopefully I can provide some tips!

I had my final interview for London FS audit after months of waiting for the video interview outcome followed by several weeks (>1 month) before booking the slot. I’ve heard some ppl waiting a shorter or longer time though, so don’t sweat it. I eventually did the interview at 8:30am (advice: don’t book such an early slot) in Feb and got a call around 5:30pm the next day with the offer. But this varies for everyone so I think don’t be stressed if you’re still waiting. Some locations/business lines may be faster than others.

My interview started off with the presentation on globalisation, and my interviewer was timing it so I guess make sure you try not to over/under-time. The content I presented was nothing ground breaking honestly; just basic common sense, not even academic paper researched. That’s why I think they’re looking at your delivery and style, and so I’d say stay composed and look confident. Follow up questions were only a few and you can definitely think on the spot for them.

Moving on to the main interview, it’s not actually a full hour long because there was that presentation + you get time to ask qns after. The interview was divided and paged based on Deloitte values and there were maybe 3-4 questions per page. But, if you answer sufficiently for the first qn, you might not even be asked the subsequent qns so don’t be surprised with that. Honestly, it’s a very strengths-based interview with qns like how you would handle certain scenarios. There were also qns about your past experiences, and you can draw on work or school life for these. They are all things you can think on the spot for again, as long as you keep your mind open and calm – meaning don’t let nerves give you a mind block!

I noticed a lot of people saying to research a lot into Deloitte but personally, it was better for me going in all relaxed and just answering honestly without trying to emphasise and match up to their values. The interviewer told me those values as we moved along each set of the values’ qns anyway. My opinion is that as long as you’re truthful, you’re consistent and genuine, and that shows through. I’ve gone through the thorough prep method with another big 4’s AC too and it works as well, but I felt a better connection at Deloitte because I felt more like myself than an oil-slicked interview machine :joy:. Still, just play to your own strengths; I’m just here to provide an alternative exp.

Let me know if I can help more. We may become future colleagues anyway~


hi anon,
sure thing, best of luck with the tier 2 application.
I’ve already sent them their questionnaire and the documents that I do have to get the ball rolling as from the email they sent it seems like quite a slow process. They said they’ll get back to me in “due course” which in Deloitte standards I assume will be at least a month and probably more before I get their comprehensive advice email.


thanks a lot for your insights and congrats on your offer!! may i know which sub service line for FS audit in london? I’m currently waiting to attend my final interview but the availability of slots is getting on my nerves… honestly not sure how long more to wait.