Deloitte 2019 Intake


Hey, I had my interview last week! I can’t remember specific questions but the interview itself was looking at different values Deloitte want their employees to hold and providing an example for each. For example, one of mine was to do with leadership and team work so I spoke about an example for that.

The interview ended with a focus on Deloitte and why I wanted to work there etc, as well as talking about any interesting news in the sector. I think if you have examples that show leadership, teamwork, analytical, communicational, organisational, etc skills you should be fine. Have the examples set out using STAR and use those for each of the skills they look at.

Then at the end I asked a few questions. You should be fine as you got a week to prep. Just remember to stay calm and build a rapport with the interviewer. At the end of the day it’s just a conversation for you to talk about why you are best fit for Deloitte and why you want to work there.

Best of luck!


I’ve applied for Audit - Manchester office. Waiting to hear back from Job Sim. Anyone know how long it takes to hear back about whether you’ve passed job sim stage?


Usually it takes about a month or so:) could you please tell me which kind of questions there were on Job Sim? I don’t mean the format (e.g. video), I mean the topics or exact questions? What did they ask?

Thanks a lot!


Hey I’m doing the job sim in two days time. I’ve applied to assurance. Any tips on how the video questions and case studies will be? I’d really appreciate it. Many thanks.


Thank a lot for sharing your experience, it’s really helpful!
I did just receive my presentation topic today and would like to know if you did a generic presentation or in depth?

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Hi, I would say it is a very general interview, half of which is most common competency-based questions, from what I can recall is about leadership and team working, and the other half is mostly motivational, for example, why Deloitte, why this particular service line etc.
My interview does not go too long for about 30 mins, and we ended up having a very long Q&A session, which also gave me a lot of insight.
My suggestions would be to really think about why you applying Deloitte and why this particular service line, or maybe try to follow some recent news about Deloitte.
I hope this helps and wish you good luck for your interview!


Hey I did my job simulation sometime in November and I can’t remember exactly but I would say practice a lot of case studies and numerical tests. Remember to keep track of time. You should be able to complete it in 45 mins.
There are 3 sections and one of the sections relates to a case study and the next section is your video interview section. 9 questions to a given case study. One of the questions was to do with writing a response to your manager explaining typos and how it would impact your approach in the future?
For the video interview questions, one was to do with helping one of your colleagues, so you could talk about collaboration and team work.
Another question was to do with introducing yourself to your senior colleagues, having completed a week at Deloitte. Remember to be confident all throughout your video interview questions and try to incorporate Deloitte values in every example.
Hope this helps and good luck with your job simulation.


Mine was about Globalisation and the opportunities and challenges for Deloitte. I looked at two opportunities and two challenges. I’d say just say your point and why you believe it. You only have about 5 minutes to do it so don’t go in to too much depth. However, you need to know the subject so you can tackle the questions after. Message me if you need any help :blush:

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Hi there, you must have taken Job simulation now. Can I get some help ??


Hey many thanks I really appreciate it. Are the numerical questions advanced or they are just percentages and interpreting data? Also, do you have any recommendation on where to practice business cases?


I’ve been waiting almost 6 weeks now for a reply after my job sim where it went from submitted to completed back to submitted. Anyone else in the same boat? Also its for Birmingham Audit FTSE

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Me too! but I don’t know what is going on


yep just that I’ve been waiting for 4 months


ah that’s long, have you tried contacting your hr rep?


I’ve been waiting for 2 months


More interpretation of graphs and less advanced I would say. And yes practice percentages as well.


Hey I initially applied to Birmingham for their audit ftse, however recently received an update that they’ve filled up all the roles at their birmgham office. Hence why I’ve changed locations!


You’re joking, I applied right in october and got my application put on hold as they were checking my ECs and only got invited to the job sim 6 weeks ago :frowning:


After completed job simulation on 29 jan, finally I got invited to AC yesterday. Anyone knows when ac date become available, because “There are currently no bookable events available at this time, please check again later. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused”. I just wonder how long more I have to wait :joy::joy::joy::joy:


waiting since three weeks after Partner Interview. No decision yet :confused: