Deloitte 2019 Intake



i had it on preceding Friday to your Monday. Haven’t heard either.


For audit FS London?


Audit FS Manchester


Hey, yep that’s what mine said too.


is anyone still waiting for a response after job simulation? been waiting for a record 4 months (lol)


me!!! don’t ignore me.:joy:


audit ftse :confused:


Hi, What does it say for you? mine recently changed to Job Simulation - completed after a month :confused:


Submitted my job sim over a month ago and a couple of nights ago it changed from job sim submitted to job sim completed. Has anyone had a similar notification?


anyone who heard after PI (whether an offer/rejection/waitlist) How long did it take? It’s been two weeks for me


couple of days for me


Which location?


Hey, congratulations! I’ve got an interview next week and would be grateful if you could share any insights?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Got a call earlier today saying Audit (Financial Services) is full for reading, so i i’ve been switched to Audit (Corporate Finance), which is why I couldn’t book my final assessment - if anyone is in the same position.


Hey, could you please advise me on what questions there were on Job Simulation?


Hey, could you please advise me on what questions there were on Job Simulation?


Hey, could you please advise me on what particular questions there were on Job Simulation for Audit?


Hey, I had my interview last week! I can’t remember specific questions but the interview itself was looking at different values Deloitte want their employees to hold and providing an example for each. For example, one of mine was to do with leadership and team work so I spoke about an example for that.

The interview ended with a focus on Deloitte and why I wanted to work there etc, as well as talking about any interesting news in the sector. I think if you have examples that show leadership, teamwork, analytical, communicational, organisational, etc skills you should be fine. Have the examples set out using STAR and use those for each of the skills they look at.

Then at the end I asked a few questions. You should be fine as you got a week to prep. Just remember to stay calm and build a rapport with the interviewer. At the end of the day it’s just a conversation for you to talk about why you are best fit for Deloitte and why you want to work there.

Best of luck!


Hey, I can’t remember the job sim questions off my head as I did it a long time ago. One thing I would say is brush up on numerical questions and be prepared to answer situational judgment questions as well.

The video recorded questions aren’t particularly hard and you do have time to think about them before you do them. If you look back in this feed you should be able to find specific questions I think. If not there may be some of the questions that came up on the Student Room thread.

Best of luck!


Thanks a lot for your reply! I am totally fine with numerical and SJT, but more afraid of video and writing questions. I have applied to Audit/Assurance and think of whether there will be Audit-related specific questions? Which department did you apply to? And in case you can remember any specific question or at least the topic covered on Job Simulation, please let me know!:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!