Deloitte 2019 Intake



And good luck with your interview!!


Anyone got an offer or been invited to the final stage for Grad Audit - Banking and Capital Markets London?


Did u go to the interview. I also applied for the same service line


Not yet but got an invite for the final stage


Hi nicolchis,
it seems like we are applying for the same role. if you do not mind me asking, what location are you applying for?Also, what service line did you select?
Lastly, how are you preparing for the job simulation?
I appreciate you taking the time to consider my questions


just today? I’ve been waiting close to 3 months lol


hi gincal,
today, i just received my invite to the job simulation! i was so surprised because i wasn’t expecting it for four weeks and i had only completed the assessment last Wednesday.


Does anyone know the starting salary for graduate London audit?..


Hey there, I applied to the brightstart scheme too. Unfortunately I was placed into the talent pool, Whats your situation? Thanks



I am applying for leeds where are you applying for?

I was invited to the job simulation but when i have gone onto my portal to select the service line, there is none to select in the drop down. I have contacted the technical team but no one has got back to me about it and its been over a week. Im worried this means all applications have been filled.

Have you tried to select your service line yet?


got through to the final stage assessment but waiitng for a slot to become available


I applied for risk advisory in London.
When i was asked to select my service line, I was given the option of either extended enterprise risk management or strategic regulatory and operational risk. I chose the latter.


anyone been waiting for an update since november? also got a phone call today regarding postponing the outcome deadline to end of march (LMAO). is anyone in a similar situation?


what did they say on phone?


same! I’m waiting for a slot now


I’m in the same boat as you, but after the partner interview :confused:

Did HR say anything about it?


what division is this, if i may ask?




is this regarding a final interview or just feedback on a previous stage?


for job simulation!