Deloitte 2019 Intake



Has anyone been given an offer for the brightstart apprenticeship scheme or just graduate schemes?


Did anyone attend the AC on 1st Feb in London? already heard the result or still waiting for the outcome?


Havent heard of anyone apply to S&O got invitation or rejection yet


Are you applying for London? Which service line?


Hi, mine was for Deloitte Digital- Data Scientist, i attended the AC in London office. you?


Congratulations! How many interviewers are there for final assessment? Is that the same person for presentation and interview? Thanks


Just one interviewer & yes, the same person :slight_smile:


Hi Gicnal,
I am applying for risk advisory in London
I have recently finished my immersive assessment and waiting to hear my result. Do you know how long they take to reply?
Are you allowed to be considered for more than one location?
hypothetically speaking, if I get invited for the job simulation, what sort of questions would come up? Can you give examples please? And also, how can I practice them.
I appreciated you taking the time out to consider my questions.
Many Thanks,



Well done on getting through the job simulation!
I am currently preparing for the job simulation for risk advisory, I was wondering if you could give me a help on how to prepare? Like what types of questions I should expect? It would really be appreciated as i have never done anything like this before!



Anyone who has received an offer, how long did you wait for the offer to come through on the portal after you got the phone call?


About 1 week after the call my portal status changed (it was in the morning): your offer letter is available for review through the email they had sent.
However, I did not get the email until 11:30pm that day.


Anyone who has done Audit and assurance final stage: can you pm me please?



It took them around a month to send out the invite for the job simulation because they requested my grades from middle school and high school (the British equivalent of GCSEs and A-Levels, I assume). This was towards the end of November/beginning of December. I received the invite 2-3 weeks afterwards and completed my job simulation just before Christmas! Expect it to take 4 weeks at most. I am not sure about your question regarding the location, perhaps ask the Recruitment Team?

As for the job simulation, I’d advise you to familiarise yourself with the service line because the job simulation will be tailored according to that. You will most likely be asked around 4-5 scenario/competency questions, and 4-5 numeracy questions. Questions might include working on tight deadlines, how you would go about a certain situation, presenting yourself to senior management etc. The numeracy questions require you to read from graphs/tables. You might be required to write a sample email as part of the test (for instance, politely explaining to a colleague that you might not be able to help him/her with a deadline or client recommendations based on the graphs/tables in the numeracy section). I’d advise you to have a piece of paper next to you and write down information as you do the test (even a calculator if needed). Make use of your time, and bear in mind that you might need more time to write a nicely drafted email. For practice, perhaps sit down and practice writing emails in different contexts. Basically see it for what it is: an interactive test that shows you how every day life within this service line would be. The more you familiarise yourself with the job role and its tasks, the more sense the job simulation will make. I think that’s the most helpful way to approach it :slight_smile:


Hi, check the reply I sent out to Krishan_Bathia - Good luck! :slight_smile:


This was genuinely so useful. thank you so much!
I just have a few more questions…
You do not have to answer this. but, have they discussed the salary with you? I am only asking because I am also going for risk advisory
lastly, what was the interview like. what questions did they ask and apparently we have to prepare a presentation?
I appreciate you you taking the time to consider my questions.
Many thanks,


Hi, I am still waiting for the interview, and I do not have any information in regards to the salary! From what other people have been writing here, it seems as if it is a one hour partner interview with a 5 minute presentation on a given topic.


Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anyone else had applied to tax consulting - business tax. I got an email saying that I will be completing the ICSA qualification and not the ACA. Has this happened to anyone else? Or do you complete the ACA too? I’m really confused. Thank you!



can anyone give some insight into the final assessment presentations?


what are the chances of being offered a job if you are on the reserve list following the assessment centre?


Thank you so much for sharing that with us when you didn’t have to!

It really helps:)