Deloitte 2019 Intake



Hey guys,

I just received an offer from Deloitte for Audit in the St. Albans office!!!


When do you did the final interview??


I did it just yesterday- got my call a few minutes ago from Student Recruitment


congratulations , how long time when you are waiting for invitation to AC ? how about the assessment centre?


Congratulations - well done to you! Must feel amazing!
How did you feel that the overall interview process went? Was it as scary as you had anticipated?


Hi, I waited just over 4 weeks for an invite- it wasn’t an AC- it was just a final interview with a partner


Hi, thanks!

It was really straightforward and informal- delivered my presentation with a follow-up question- then had a series of questions on why Deloitte/service line etc.

Partner was really nice and down to earth!

Good luck to you!


thanks, great partner interview. I have waited for 3 weeks.


My final interview was awful.

The guy didn’t follow the structured questions given and said he wanted to ask his own random Q’s.

Turned up 20mins late and cut the interview short aswel.

Then when I did my presentation said can you rush through it quickly cause he had to leave


I don’t know why I can login the student recruitment system today. Do anyone have same situation as mine?


yes, I met the same situation


Do you know how to fix this problem? or just waiting


Hi anyone here has waited for more than 4 months after job simulation?


I received my email confirming im through to the final stage interview a month ago and since then there havent been any available slots on my portal despite me checking 2-3 times a day.
anyone else having the same problem?
ive applied for brighstart audit in london anyone else?


hi, i have been waiting pretty much exactly 4 months now - no idea whats happening despite having contacted them. I applied for S&O svs, what about you?


Same! What did they reply?


Basically just said wait longer they will get back to you soon which wasn’t particularly helpful. I don’t know if its something specific to S&O or its happening to other people in other service lines as well


Hi, I was in the same situation and I had waited about 6 weeks before getting a date. I checked like 40 times per day (not Joking🤣). Be patient and you will get one sooner and later:)


Hi Flannelknight_Drifte,

Congratulations that you have been offered a position in Deloitte in 2019. I am applying for the same position and same service line as you.

Would you mind sharing me information about the strength based interview questions you have been asked in the final stage?

Kind regards,


I did my final interview this week for a graduate scheme in London and received a verbal offer immediately after from the partner that interviewed me.

The advice I would give is to know your role really well and know what’s been going on in the news with regards to the role/industry/sector you applied to. My interview was very different in the sense that it was very unstructured. He followed the general umbrella themes but didn’t ask very structured interview questions. The questions were all weaved into a conversation. He told me after the interview ended that he prefers to go off script in order to really assess me, my personality and my interest in the job/industry/sector that I applied to. So it really depends on your interviewer. I would say to still approach it the same way.

I had my presentation on globalisation. It was definitely a very broad topic. My advice is to really narrow it down to one or two key themes and talk about them (obviously give reasons why you chose those themes). The follow-up questions he asked were quite difficult but I managed to have answers to them. Just make sure you read up on the topic, recent challenges/opportunities/trends etc! I actually printed out a very short presentation for him to look through and I thought it would also make the presentation seem less like a… speech?

Finally, I would say… be personable. They don’t expect you to know everything but they want to know that even if you don’t know something, you will approach it with positivity and give your personal take on it. Know Deloitte well, know what they’ve been doing recently. Literally, just type into Google “Deloitte” or “Deloitte audit” or whatever you applied to and click the news tab and just read them all!

Good luck! It’s definitely a process, but it will be all worth it :slight_smile: