Deloitte 2019 Intake



Nope… Nothing popped up on my portal!


Well, considering I was only shown a single one-hour slot, then I assume someone cancelled at a very short notice and they reopened it, I was just lucky enough to be the first to get it. It is also surprising that there will be no group tasks :thinking:


Yes, I have. have you?


Is it for risk advisory too? What time?


Do you think you will be given instructions in time? Considering you have to prep a short presentation and all! What location did you apply for?


Reading. I just got the presentation topic and I think two days is fine to prepare. Now I am in the process of reading their last three years’ annual reports, recent FT articles’ presence and learning about their key clients :sweat_smile:


Does anyone have any tips/insights into the final interview? Mainly the presentation aspect? I’ve been given globalisation as the topic but I don’t know how best to approach it as I don’t know how much detail is expected. Any help will be appreciated!


Anyone else with this topic?

Making a difference through the quality of our work should be the number one priority of Deloitte’s Audit and Advisory services. Discuss.



I was given a different topic but I guess the insights are still quite similar. I would definitely give an overview about what your topic is, advantages, disadvantages, and focus on the opportunities Deloitte can leverage as a company with respect to their functions. Think also about potential questions they could ask on the back of your content and how you’d answer them. On the whole, I think you should focus just as much on your delivery as the content as presentation skills and communication of your ideas is really key.

Best of luck!


Mine is for Assurance, at 11:00am


Does anyone know the starting salary for London audit?


anyone heard after receiving 28th feb email?


hey guys so I’ve been constantly checking my portal and realised recently there is no any block of all the 6 stages blocks is black to show my current stage and i’m wondering what is going on lol. anyone has experienced this before or know what’s gonna happen?


has anyone done the job simulation for Risk advisory - tech digital risk?:slight_smile:


has anyone heard back after being placed in the talent pool? They said they’d get back to me by tomorrow, I know its basically a gentle rejection but hoping for the best.


oh sweet! Mine is at 11am too, i guess we may bump into each other!


Can someone give an insight into what the follow up questions are like?


Hey I got into the spring insight week for the reading office. if anyone else also has a placement at this branch feel free to contact me, would be good to get to know each other before hand


Hi Everyone,

I recently got an offer for Audit & Assurance FTSE summer vacation scheme in London. I thought to share my experience, as this platform was very useful during my application process.

  • I sent in my online application on 25.09.2018. It was quite quick to complete, unlike the usual online application. Didn’t need to upload a CV.
  • About 20mins after sending off my online application, I got invited to next stage (Immersive Online Assessment). Because of how quickly I got the invite to the online assessment, I am assuming they invite anyone that meets the threshold of their online application.
  • I did the online assessment on the 26.09.2018. It was about 26questions in all. Half of it was sjt questions, some numerical, whilst the others were verbal. It took me about 2hours to complete, cause there was a lot of information to sift through for the numerical questions. I got my feedback report quite quickly, my highest performing strength was: Agility, Respect & Relationship Manger. My lowest performing strength was: Numerical Interpreter, which I believe is cause I spent a lot of time solving the numerical questions. I initially thought cause I had “numerical interpreter” as my lowest performing strength I was going to be declined. But I still progressed to the next stage.
  • On the 8.10.2018 & 17.10.2018, I got emailed by deloitte to confirm my GCSE and A level grades
  • On the 26.10.2018, I got invited for the Job simulation stage & service line selection preference.
  • On 02.11.2018, I completed the job simulation. This was by far the hardest stage & I honestly didn’t think I was going to pass. It consisted of numerical, sjt, verbal, 2/3 written email questions & video interview questions. There were about 5 video interview questions in all. There was one video question on “introduce yourself to the members of your team, who you would be working with and senior colleagues who haven’t met you”. Another question was what does successful collaboration mean to you. I was also asked some cases based video questions eg explain how to figure out errors in a report etc. Overall, it was quite a tough stage.
  • On 13.12.2018, Deloitte emailed to let me know they haven’t assessed my Job simulation because of the volume of applications received. But that they would get back to me by 31.01.2019 at the latest.
  • On 08.01.2019 I got invited for the Final interview. On my application portal there were slots available, but the timings were set for a few days after I got the invite, so I didn’t book any. However, its best to book your slots early as they tend to go quite quickly and you may have to wait for a week or more for slots to become available. An HR contact reached out to me directly to let me know when slots became available, as initially I was refreshing my application portal 24/7.
  • I was able to get a final interview slot for 22.01.2019.
  • The interview wasn’t as bad as I imagined, very nice interviewer. Mostly strength based questions and scenario based questions rather than competency eg What are the possible challenges you would face on the scheme? How do you ensure you are appear knowledgable and approachable when doing presentation in front of senior colleagues. There were also questions about the role eg What does Audit entail? Overall you cant really prepare for this stage, just know in detail what your role and department is about. For the strength based questions, make sure your answers are in sync with Deloitte’s values. Lastly be yourself, smile, be friendly and show enthusiasm.
  • I got an offer on the 15.02.2019, where I got a call from HR.

Goodluck everyone! I hope this helped x


Hi! How did it go? What was your presentation on? Hope it went well! :slight_smile: