Deloitte 2019 Intake



Hey! I haven’t gotten a time slot yet. Mine is for cyber risk advisory as well. Though I applied to the Edinburgh office, so could be that my AC will most likely be there? Feels a bit strange though considering how specific the service line is!


Hi, generally deloitte conducts their AC in cities different from the ones you’ve applied for. Chances are that your assessment center would be somewhere else, probably some other city around Edinburgh


Could be the case, yes. I hope they release time slots soon - I’ve been refreshing my candidate account for almost a week now!


That’s an issue even I faced! Apparently they are finding it difficult to tally their AC dates with the partners’ calendars for interviews! Hence time slots are not available. They asked me to check my portal everyday.


That makes sense. Do you know if there is a generally a big gap in days (or weeks) between the release of time slots and the actual AC dates?


There’s no saying, I got it for next week. My friend was informed about her AC 3 days in advance, so it’s a bit unpredictable


Anyone else been invited to St Albans for an final stage assessment? I’ve been for Risk Advisory Public Sector


Received an empty email from Deloitte about my application after AC, does that mean a rejection? Will a rejection convey via email? successful by a phone call?


Hey anon9, congrats! i’ve been invited too but in London! When is your AC?


Congrats! Have you found out when your interview will be?


18th February- you?


Thank you - congrats to you too! I still haven’t received a date yet… Helpdesk told me to keep refreshing!


I don’t think you do AC for cyber risk advisory




I’ve just received an invite for a final stage interview (digital) for a summer internship (tax).
I’ve booked the earliest time slot available as I’d like to get this rolling as soon as possible!

Is anyone able to give me any advice on what to expect? I’ve never had a final stage that’s not at an assessment centre, so any insight anybody might be able to give me would be extremely valuable and I’d really appreciate it!


Mine is 15th feb


Dis you manage to book a slot via the portal? How long ago did it happen? Only curious because I was invited to the assessment centre two weeks ago but still no data available via the portal :frowning:


Mine is 15th Feb as well


Have you guys received your presentation topics yet?


I have been updating my portal a few times a day for almost 2 weeks now. Still haven’t managed to book a slot so you’re not alone! They keep telling me to monitor my portal which makes me question whether I should refresh more than I’m already doing :sweat_smile: