Deloitte 2019 Intake



Anyone has been to an interbiew for audit London?


I haven’t yet but I know of someone who has! Do you want me to ask them something specific


Sure!! Thank u for your help!


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What did you apply for?


hey! i’ve got an AC for risk advisory too! When is yours? Is yours just a one hour slot as well?


Hey! Do you mind if I PM you about the AC? I have mine coming up next week!


What location is yours? I’ve chosen one this month as well


Does anyone know if the AC at Deloitte includes a group exercise? An hour’s slot doesn’t seem long enough to- I’ve applied for risk advisory


Hey! I’ve got a final interview as well, which is an hour long again! Do you mind if I PM you my number and we can get in touch to discuss how the day was? I have no idea what to expect!


Mine is in Reading, for Risk Advisory as well. Yeah! It’s just an hour long which is quite weird. I’m going to call them and ask whether the pre-work would be sent soon and if it will only last an hour! I have another interview later in the day to catch so i really need it to finish within the hour or two.


HI Congra! after your job simulation, how long time you received the invitation for final interview. I finish job simulation about three week ago, still not received any response.


Deloitte always takes a while to respond, in fact for me they took a month and a half! they can’t seem to find a way tally the assessment center dates with their partners’ schedule. I have created a whatsapp group for people appearing for vi and AC- you can DM me your number if you want me to add you. We are starting our prep for VI/AC within couple of days!


Hi- What role did you apply for and what location? I’ve been invited to RA (Public Sector)



Just wondering about anyone who’s applied fo technology consulting, specifically financial service applications. I completed the job sim around the 20th of December and haven’t heard anything yet. Has anyone on this scheme managed to make it to the final stage?


I applied for audit


yeah, they took a long time to respond. Around 2 months


I’ve been invited for cyber risk advisory. I applied to reading, but the interview is in london


I managed to get through for audit! I’m unsure about consulting as my group has gone for audit/tax for this year- few went for financial services tho


great! the same as me, audit in London