Deloitte 2019 Intake



Hi there guys, I applied for S&0. I did the online immersive test about 3 weeks ago probably. Since then I had got an invitation to the Job Simulation a week later. Just today I had received an email stating that my application has been put into the talent pool. I feel pretty gutted but hope there still may be a chance. Has any one else received an AC or flat out Rejection? If it helps I applied for Monitor to be precise and the Brightstart Scheme. Hope all is well!


Applied for S&O and completed video interview 3 months ago. Havent got any updates yet


that’s what my status is too. did they get back to you?


Hi! I was just wondering, has your portal been updated with the official offer letter yet? I’m waiting too and still no sign of the offer letter :confused:


hey minmin, I’ve got an offer in Southampton as well. Was wondering it would be nice if we could connect in advance? Hehe. If you don’t mind, could you please lemme know your email address? I’ll pm you then :slight_smile:


Sorry, but I do not think it would be very easy, as under forensic you will not be completing your ACA, therefore will not have the necessary skills. Although nothing is impossible, it definitely won’t be easy.


Hi guys, my current status changed from “Job Simulation Submitted” to “Job Simulation Completed” several days ago and then changed back to “Job Simulation Submitted” again. Also, in my application page, there is no any block of all the 6 stages blocks is black to show my current syage. I really have no idae what’s going on and which stage I am in. Is there anyone have the same problem as me?


hey when did you complete your job sim? mine changed from submitted to completed couple of days ago too. also, did you receive the email regarding they will get back latest 28 feb?


Hi, I completed my Job sim in early Dec. Yes, I received the same eamil too.



I found out yesterday that I passed the job simulation for risk advisory and got invited to the final stage assessment. Is anyone experiencing difficulties with selecting a time slot? When I log in, it says “There are currently no bookable events available at this time, please check again later”. Anyone else experiencing the same problem? Has anyone attended the final stage assessment for risk?


Hi Minmin,

Congratulations for the offer! I am going to final stage as well, so would appreciate your help on some tips. How many parts are included in the assessment, e.g., group exercise, presentation, and partner interview? Will the presentation topics be given before AC or on site? And can you please share some interview questions?
Thanks very much!


congratulations on getting to final stage. I also had my PI recently. the presentation info will be emailed to you about a week before your interview. You have to prepare and present this at the start of the interview and it will last 5 minutes. Expect the partner to ask you questions regarding this. Some may try to catch you out

Sorry I can’t share some interview questions as they ask you to sign an NDA on the way out, but also because they depend on the partners mood etc. but… just learn the core values of Deloitte and how your values align with theirs. Prepare to be indirectly asked about university projects or personal goals and motivations. Most importantly, know why you want to work for Deloitte. That’s the most important one. You should know that already and Deloitte should be your number 1 choice. If it is then you have a 95% chance of getting the job


Thanks very much for the info! That’s very helpful. Also congrats to you for the offer. Apart from presentation and partner interview, are there any other parts? Any group exercise, any written/math test, or any other exercises?


Not for me. 5 min presentation, 5 min presentation questions, 1 hour interview


anyone attended the final interview in London last week but haven’t heard back yet?


Hey what sort of questions can they ask in Job sim?


Hey, what what sort of questions can they ask in Job sim?


The Job simulation for Deloitte can be best described as a little eccentric, if not anything else :sweat_smile:

The kind of questions that I encountered were Numericals, Situations, VI questions. One of the questions was along the lines of how would you introduce yourself to your senior colleagues. Another descriptive question I encountered was- would you provide assistance to another colleague( who has to draft an offer letter) even if you have tight deadlines. The questions are pretty self-explanatory, it’s not that difficult but numericals can get a bit challenging. If you need additional insight, just DM me I can pass over a few practice tips :slight_smile:


Have been invited to the Assessment Centre for Public Sector Risk Advisory (Reading) today.

However, I now have to choose a time slot and on the portal it says

There are currently no bookable events available at this time, please check again later. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused

Has anyone encountered such an issue?


hey, yes! a fried of mine encountered this- so basically they asked her to keep on checking the portal through the week as they will be updating the time slots within few weeks. They are facing issues with respect to aligning AC dates with partners’ calendar for interviews.