Deloitte 2019 Intake



Hi congratulations on your offer. How long ago did your account change to “thank you for attending” etc?



How many people here have heard from Manchester Audit?


Just received the email about being placed into the talent pool after the job simulation. Has anyone been offered a final stage assessment after getting this or is it basically a rejection?


Unfortunately from what I’ve read here it seems like a rejection, but you might get lucky. When did you do your job sim?


have you heard anything these days?


Did it back in mid November. Figured it’s probably a rejection so not going to hold my breath haha


hey i did my job sim around mid nov too and received the email regarding the 31st jan deadline (did you?) but yet to hear anything still despite chasing them a few times… not sure if this is a good or bad sign! anyway may i know what’s ur current status on the portal?


does anyone know what it means if my status changed from ‘job sim submitted’ to ‘job sim completed’? will i get an update soon?


My status is still on submitted so I assume its a good sign that yours has gone to completed but not sure! never got the 31st jan email either


ah i see, what role and location did you apply for? also, i think there’s still a slim of chance being placed in the talent pool, I’ve heard cases where people got offered an ac (but not many tbh)


yes. recieved an offer 2 days ago. which means yours is on the way!!


Well done! Just been invited to final stage assessment with an interview/presentation and group exercise. How long after receiving confirmation email of the day did you receive your presentation topic? Also what sort of interview questions are there? Competency or rather situational? Thanks!


Just got another update saying they can’t progress me yet and they’ll update me again at the end of February. Not sure why they can’t just give me an interview, haven’t got my whole life to wait for a role with them.


Anyone who’s been to an interview / AC. How long did it take for you to get told whether u got the job or got rejected


Is does anyone has the pre-work for assurance graduate? I have just been noticed via phone call reg my final interview 2 days later but till now they haven’t send me the pre-work, so i am wondering whether it is a generic topic applicable to all assurance graduate applicants? please pm if anyone has the info


I have an AC this wk, would you mind sharing the day like the process, how many group exercise, what is the task objectives. And interview part, do they ask a lot of tell me about… questions?

Many thank!!!


has any Actuarial people heard back after completing the Job Simulation stage?


Hi I just finished my Job simulation for audit Manchester. Do you know if I have chance to attend AC?


Me too, I just finished Job simulation last 2 weeks, Anyone know how long time we will get the response for AC or rejection ?


hey to all those who got placed in the talent pool after job sim, may i know your current status on the portal? is it shown as submitted or completed? many thanks x!!