Deloitte 2019 Intake



could share me some questions about the assurance? my contact email: that is really helpful for me. thanks


I think this would definitely be possible if you networked with the right people within the business, even more so if these areas are under the same department.



Preparing from my interview. Anyone know what kind of Q’s they are?

If its just competency based should be pretty easy to prepare for but anything else i need to research ?



how long did you wait for your offer?

Thanks :slight_smile:


anyone with the 31st january email heard yet?


Not sure which email you’re talking about but I had one to do with 28th Jan (although it said I’ll hear after 28th Jan), and I haven’t heard anything yet. The lady I spoke to about it though recently was pretty confident that they’d be able to stick to schedule and it was going to run to time!


nope! have you? they are really taking too long lmao anyway what’s your status on the portal? mine’s still job sim submitted… haven’t changed a bit


That’s what mine shows as too.
Wonder how long it takes to progress to a final stage after that if we’re lucky - I’m feeling pressured for time on other offers but I want to hold out here just in case! :frowning: even if we hear at the end of Jan, not sure if the final stage might be even weeks/a month after that!


same status here bro


when did u complete your job sim? i’m honestly not quite sure about my chances anymore since its been so long…


I completed it around 7th October. It looks like the programme I went for is still available to apply to so I’m clinging onto the littlest bit of hope. I just need some sort of clarity though as I’m putting off another offer at the moment as I wait to hear back!

When did you do it and what did you apply for?


that’s early! you must be waiting for ages lol. i completed around mid nov and i applied to audit graduate london. how about you? i know some people are already going for ac end of jan so… :confused:


I applied to tax summer in London so it’s just kind of a video interview as far as I’m aware for my final stage. Would be nice to hear back soon though as I don’t even know when an interview would take place! Kind of wish they’d just stop stalling :frowning:


Anyone who’s had an interview or assesment centre

How long did it take for you to receive your rejection / offer ? And did u get feedback Thanks


Hi! Just wondering how long after progressing to the final stage you actually got your interview? As in, was it pretty quickly or was it weeks, etc.? Thanks :slight_smile:


I had waited for one week after the final stage interview. Does it mean I fail?? :scream:


Hi Lien and congratulation for receiving the offer! I have also applied for Audit, but in Cambridge, not Southampton. I guess that starting salary would not be too different. Would you please tell us what your offer was? I understand If you don’t want to be too detailed and give us the exact figure, hence some sort of range would also be fine.

Thank you!


but my status in the online system changed yesterday, saying “Thank you for attending our Final Stage Assessment, we will contact you soon with an update.” Don’t know it’s a good or bad signal.


Thank you for your reply, I wonder whether the salary is not fixed, but actually determined specifically for each person, and if that is the case, which are the criteria???
I hope you get your offer letter soon!


I got the same email yesterday, had my PI two weeks ago. I think this might be a good sign. I’d imagine if it was a rejection it would just skip straight to the rejection stage on the portal? Fingers crossed.

Also does the recruitment team phone you if you are unsuccessful? or just email