Deloitte 2019 Intake



hi guys, I just got invitation from Deloitte to do job simulation. I am appreciatively who can give me some tips or who can tell me what I will do in Job simulation? what questions include in Job simulation ?



I did mine last week. there was a feedback report on online portal that said numerical question was my weakest but I doesn’t mean I’m unsuccessful Have they contacted you yet?



Also has anyone applied in Newcastle office? did you get any updates on your application? Thanks




how much time do you get to prepare for the presentation? Also did you get access to the computer or you have to prepare a presentation from what you know already?

Thanks in advance


How do you feel about the Job simulation? what types of questions ? could you share with me ?


Yeah I have applied to Newcastle office - when did you start your application, what service line?


Hi! and congratulations for getting the offer! I am sorry if this may sound too nosy…I have applied for same role in same region and I am going to take the job simulation test soon. I have tried to find information about starting salaries but couldn’t find anything accurate enough. Would you please share what is the starting salary they offered you?

Thank you!



Did anyone who applied to the Newcastle office get an invite to the assessment centre just today?


Hey, what service line is this?


its for audit and assurance :slight_smile:


Awesome! I’m looking at the same, out of interest when did you start your application and do the job sim etc? I actually have an offer to start, assuming yours is also for the grad scheme.


Is there anyone going to attend the final interview at the end of Jan? Or is there anyone who has attended the interview, could you share some insights about that day? Much appreciate!


Wow, well done on with the offer!

I think I started around mid September and completed the job sim around October. They took a while to respond so I thought I’d been rejected. Yeah, mine is for the grad scheme too.

Have you already completed your assessment centre in that case?



Fair enough, we’re about the same then in terms of start date. Guess they’re just working their way through.

I have completed the final assessment, although for me it wasn’t actually an assessment centre, it was just a final interview so I was only in the office for about an hour and a half. I didn’t (and should’ve) ask why this was the case, but I know others also only had an interview.

Feel free to message me with more questions


Hi guys,

Just a quick question. Do you think it would be possible to move into another area of the business in Deloitte on completion of the Graduate Scheme?

i.e i applied for forensics but hoping i could go into financial advisory after as its under the same department.



Yeah, mine seems to just be a final assessment too, it’s scheduled for around an hour. I’m glad this is also the case for others haha.

I was just wondering what sort of thing they did if you don’t mind saying. Did they include a presentation or group exercise ?

Thank you very much!!


Are you applying for assurance as well! Could I ask if the interview questions are the motivation-based or the competency-based?
I’m going to attend the final interview at the end of Jan. Can I pm you? my contact email:


Has anyone applied for restructuring services?




It was pretty typical from what you’d expect of those kinds of interviews. Not too formal, but there were set questions we went through rather than a chat. There was a presentation, which I did at the end of the interview. No worries